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AfterDawn Addict

14 Jun 2004 12:10 PM
THIS IS BY dwkeystone

I hope this helps alot of you that are having problems with Platinum, it worked for me. I
know it sounds like alot of trouble but it's really not that bad, it just takes a little

I have been using Platinum for about two months and have been having the same
problems everyone else has been having:

1.Writing Errors
2.Finalizing before writing the movie (creating a coaster).
3.Taking longer to read the DVD than it once did.
4.Not being able to read the DVD in my DVD ROM and write with my DVD Burner.
5.Advanced Mode would work but Xpress would not or vice versa.
6.One time it would work and the next time it wouldn't.
7.Read and Write would be successful but movie would pause or lock up when played.
8.Movie would pixelize when the copy was played.

I've uninstalled and reinstalled the software probably a dozen times, I've called 321
Support several times, even bought another brand DVD burner, tried this and that and still
had the same problems. I might fix one problem but would create another. I'm glad I have
alot of patience and I think it's finally paid off.

I'm going to try to go through everything I did step by step and maybe this will help alot
of you that are having problems with Platinum. Some of the things I did I probably didn't
have to do but everything works now. I'm going to try to make it as simple as possible so
it might get a little boring for some, so bare with me.

I use Windows XP and it's been a while since I've used one the other Operating Systems
so this is for XP users but it will probably work for some of the other Operating Systems.
I am using a LITE-ON DVD-ROM LTD163 for reading and a Plextor PX-708A for
writing on a HP computer with Plextor DVD+R media. So far I've copied over 60 DVD's since
Saturday February 14 and have not had one failure of any kind, no glitches what so ever,
the Platium software has worked flawlessly. My read times are between 5:45 and 19:19
and my write times are between 5:00 and 9:17.

I installed my new Plextor PX-708A on Friday afternoon 2-13-04 and still had the same
problems that I had with a new Memorex Dual Format so then I knew the problems were
not in my burner. The only thing left to do was to do a System Recovery, taking the
computer back to the same state it was in the day I took it out of the box. This is not hard
to do but it does take some time. If you're not sure about doing this yourself you should
get help from someone that has done it before, because all the software programs that you
have installed on your computer are going to be lost, but you can reinstall them later.
Also, you will have to backup any files that you want to keep to a CD so you can reinstall
them later. In my case I had to backup my digital pictures and my Mp3's.

You might want to go down through what I did and see if there is anything that you might
have missed doing and try that first. If that fails do the System Recovery and then each
step that I have listed below.

1. After the System Recovery I reinstalled my Norton's Internet Security and updated it with
all the updates Norton had to offer (because you've got alot of downloading to do).

2. I went to Microsoft Windows Update, downloaded and installed all updates (Critical
Updates and Service Packs, Windows XP and Driver Updates). I installed everything,
probably alot I didn't need but I installed it anyway.

3. I downloaded Ad-aware.

a. Go to http://www.lavasoftusa.com
b. On the left side of the page under SOFTWARE click on Ad-aware (not Professional
or Plus just Ad-aware).
c. Scroll down this page until you see Download on the right side of the page and
click on it.
d. Scroll down this page until you see AD-AWARE 6 STANDARD EDITION in the center
column. Click on one of the links under Full Install and download it
to your Desktop.
e. Go to your Desktop, double click on the aaw6 icon and install Ad-Adware.
f. Run Ad-aware.
g. It will tell you how many new objects it found on your system that are spyware
(you need to get rid of these).
h. Click Next.
i. Check all boxes that Ad-aware found and Click next to get rid of them.

I normally run Ad-aware once a day and especially before I use Platium if I've been
on the internet.

4. I Installed Platinum software following the instructions of the software, using all
default folders that are suggested by the software. I used the disc from 321 Studios
which was Version 3.2.1 but I upgraded to

5. I downloaded and install the ASPI Update.

a. Go to http://www.adaptec.com/worldwide/support/driverdetail.html? sess=no&language=English+US&cat=/Product/ASPI-4.70&filekey=aspi_471a2.exe?
b. Click Download and download it to your Desktop creating a aspi_471a2 Icon.
c. Double Click on the aspi_471a2 Icon.
d. Click on Unzip (this does not install ASPI 4.71a2 it only unzips it to a
directory). I think this is where alot of people go wrong.
e. Follow the installation instructions (very carefully) provided by Adaptec.

Adaptec Installation Instruction:
This file extracts by default to the c:\adaptec\ directory. If you have
changed this directory, please note the directory you have chosen. For
Windows 98, NT 4.0, ME and 2000, use the enclosed ASPIINST.EXE file to
install the ASPI layer. For Windows XP, select Start - Run from the menu,
and then the Browse button. Locate the INSTALL.BAT file in the directory the
files extracted to and select the OPEN button. In the command box, add a
space and either XP32 for Pentium I/II/III/IV processors or XP64 for Itanium
processors. The command should look like: c:\adaptec\aspi\install.bat XP32
or c:\adaptec\aspi\install.bat XP64. Then select the OK button to run the XP

6. I created a new Temporary Folder (for holding the DVD when its read)

a. Click on Start.
b. Click on My Computer.
c. Double Click on the C: Drive.
d. Out to the side (not on a folder) Right click.
e. In the box that pops up go down to New (another pop up box will appear) then
click folder.
f. A new folder will pop up (the word New Folder will be highlighted with a blinking
g. Rename the new folder by typing what you want to call it (I named mine 321 DVD
h. Hit Enter (to save the new name)

7. I created a Shortcut to the new folder

a. Right Click on the new folder you just created go down to Send To and then Click
on Desktop (create shortcut).

NOTE: The reason I created this shortcut was so I could easily check the contents of
the new folder. If I happen to have an error in a reading or writing session I like
to make sure the folder is empty before I start the next session. If there's
something in the folder it should be deleted (since I did the System Recovery I've
not had any errors). I also check the folder after a cancel to make sure it's empty
before I start the next session. Before I did the System Recovery the 321 software
sometimes would not delete the contents of the folder after an error or if you
canceled the read or write but since the System Recovery it's worked perfectly.

8. Change the Path to where the DVD goes when its read (to your new folder)

NOTE: We need to change this in all three programs - Advanced, Xpress(Simple)
and Rescue.

a. Start Platinum.
b. Click on Settings.
c. Where it says Temporary Folder click on the Blue button on the right.
d. Click on the + to the left of the C: Drive (this will show all the folders on
the hard drive including the new folder you just created) find the new
folder you created (in my case 321 DVD Holder), click on it (it will highlight).
e. Click OK.
g. Close Platinum (you probably don't have to do this before changing the temporary
path for Xpress but to be on the safe side we will).

a. Start Platinum
b. Click on Simple (starts Xpress)
c. Click NO in Rental or Borrowed box
d. Click on I AGREE in the 321 STUDIOS box
e. Click on OPTIONS
f. At the bottom of the drop down in Temporary Path box Click on the Green button on
the right.
g. Click on the + to the left of the C: Drive (this will show all the folders on
the hard drive including the new folder you created) find the new folder you
created (in my case 321 DVD Holder), click on it (it will highlight).
h. Click OK.
j. Click on OK in the Settings Saved box
k. Close Xpress.

a. Start Platinum.
b. Click on DVD X Rescue
c. In the Select Device Box, Click Cancel.
d. Click File in the upper left corner of DVD Rescue
e. Click Preferences
f. Under the Options Tab Click Temporary Space
g. Click on the + to the left of the C: Drive (this will show all the folders on
the hard drive including the new folder you created) find the new folder you
created (in my case 321 DVD Holder), click on it (it will highlight).
h. Click OK in the User Preferences box
i. Close Rescue

9. I created a Shortcut to the Log file. You don't have to do this, but if you do have a
failure it's a convenient way to get to Log file to see what happened.

a. Click on Start
b. Click on My Computer
c. Double Click on the C: Drive
d. Double Click on Program Files
e. Double Click on 321 Studios folder
f. Double Click on Platinum folder
g. Find the Log folder
h. Right Click on the Log folder
i. In the pop up box go to Send to and then Click on Desktop(create shortcut)

10. Check for Blacklisted Software on your Computer

a. Go to the Blacklisted Software list at http://forum.321studios.com/?f=22&m=15402
check the list very carefully and get rid of all your Blacklisted Software.

NOTE: If you Uninstall ROXIO with Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel it will not
remove all of the ROXIO software. You can go to the ROXIO website at
http://softwareupdates.roxio.com/gm/support/tools/roxizap.exe and download ROXIZAP.
Run ROXIZAP and it will take the rest of ROXIO out. I got this information from

11. Make sure you are set to the right Region on your DVD Burner.

NOTE: When you Click on the DVD Region tab (step h.& m.) you may find your correct
Region is in the Current Region box. If it is correct don't go any farther, but if your
Region is set wrong or has not been set continue on. You can only set the Region
five times.

a. Click on Start
b. Click on My Computer
c. Right Click on your DVD burner (in my case DVD-RW Drive(E:)
d. Click on Properties
e. Click on the Hardware Tab
f. Click on your DVD burner(it will highlight)
g. Click on Properties
h. Click on DVD Region tab
i. Scroll down to your Region (in my case the United States which is Region 1) and
Click on it( it will highlight)
j. Click OK

If you don't have a DVD ROM Stop here but if you do continue on.

a. Click on your DVD ROM
b. Click on Properties
c. Click on the DVD Region tab
d. Scroll down to your Region and Click on it( it will highlight)
e. Click OK
f. Close all boxes (back to Desktop)

12. Set your Power Options
a. Click on Start
b. Click on Control Panel
c. Double Click on Power Options
d. Under the Power Schemes Tab:
Turn off Monitor: After 2 hours
Turn off Hard Discs: After 2 hours
System Standby: After 2 hours
System hibernates: Never
e. Click Apply
f. Click OK

13. Set your Screen Saver start Time (you should still be in the Control Panel)

a. Double Click on Display
b. Click on Screen Saver tab
c. Change the Wait time to 120 min.
d. Click Apply
e. Click OK
f. Close out of Control Panel

14. Now lets check your Drives to see if they are setup right

a. Click on Start
b. Click on My Computer (you should see your Drives under Devices with Removable
c. Right Click on your DVD Burner.
d. In the pop up box Click on Properties.
e. In the Properties box Click on the AutoPlay tab.
f. In the top box to the right Click on the blue box with the down arrow in it.
g. In the drop down box Click on DVD movie
h. In the Action box Click on Take no action (it will highlight).
i. Click on Apply in the lower right corner.
j. Click OK

15. Lets talk about MSCONFIG

Before you run Platinum you will need to Run MSCONFIG and turn off everything that's
running in the background. I know there are alot of people complaining about doing this
and about the Blacklisted Programs but even the companies that make the hardware (drives)
will tell you that in some cases you will have to in order to get a good burn. DVD's are
strange creatures and this is just the nature of the beast.

a. Click Start
b. Click Run
c. In the box type msconfig
d. Click OK
e. Click on the Startup tab
f. Click on Disable All
g. Click on Apply
h. Click on the Services tab
i. Check the box for Hide All Microsoft Services
J. Uncheck all boxes that have to do with your Internet Security and Antivirus
l. Click Apply
m. Click Close
n. Click on Restart
o. After Restart you'll have a System Configuration Utility box pop up, check the box for
"Don't show this message or launch the System Configuration Utility when Windows Starts"
and click OK.

NOTE: When I Restart (n.) I unplug my DSL Internet Cable from the back of my
computer. DSL is on at all times and because I have turned off my Internet Security
and Antivius I don't want to be hooked up to the Internet.

One other thing for those of you that can't read (copy) a DVD as fast as you once could.

NOTE: If you do a System Recovery everything should be OK here but if you have a
read or a write error during a session you should check this if you want to keep
your fast read speed because it can change.

a. Click on Start
b. Click on Control Panel
c. Double Click on System
d. Click on the Hardware Tab
e. Click on Device Manager
f. Click on the + on the left of IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers
g. Right click on the Primary IDE Channel (this should be your DVD Burner)
h. In the pop up box click Properties
i. In the Primary IDE Channel Properties box click on Advanced Settings. The
Transfer Mode should say DMA if available and the Current Transfer Mode should
say Ultra DMA Mode . If it says PIO Only we need to change it and we will in a
j. Close out of this box
k. Right click on the Secondary IDE Channel (in my case this is my DVD ROM).
l. In the pop up box click Properties
m. In the Secondary IDE Channel Properties box click on Advanced Settings. The
Transfer Mode should say DMA if available and the Current Transfer Mode should
say Ultra DMA Mode . If it says PIO Only were going to change it.
n. Close out of this box.

NOTE: If you are in Ultra DMA Mode for both Primary and Secondary don't go to the
next step.

Now we are back to the Device Manager box and we're going to change from PIO Only to
to Ultra DMA Mode:

a. Right click on the Drive that says you are in PIO Only mode (Primary or
b. In the pop up box click Uninstall

After it uninstalls Close out of all boxes back to your Desktop. Restart your
computer and when it reboots the computer will restart in the Ultra DMA mode.

NOTE: What can cause this to change from DMA to PIO is a having an error on the
drive. I know a read error will cause it, I'm not sure about a write error. The
easiest way to change it back is do it as described above. This is a Windows problem
and they are aware of it. You can read about this at
Each time you have an error it's a good idea to check this if you want to stay
up to speed.

I have one DVD that just cannot be read. It will read to 87% and stop and this will cause
the transfer mode to change from DMA to PIO mode.

Pixelation, Movie freezing or locking up problems.

From my experience this is a media problem. I've seen a copy play great in one DVD player
but would pixelize and lock up in another DVD player. You have to find a brand of media that
is compatible with your DVD burner. You should first check the book that came with your DVD
burner or check the manufacture's website for the media compatibility for your DVD burner
(all brands of media are not created equal). If you can't find it at either of those places
call the company and ask them which brands of media will work with their product and should
the media be -R's or +R's. If you have a duel format burner it will burn both -R's and +R's.
Now, check and see what type of media your DVD player will read, some will read only -R's,
some will only read +R's, some will read both -R's and +R's, and some won't read either (time
to buy a new DVD player). Trust me I know all about this, I have one DVD player that will
only read +R's and another that will only read -R's and until I found this out it about drove
me crazy, the copy would work in one player but it wouldn't in the other. In other words
your blank media must be compatible with your brand of burner and your DVD burner, DVD
media and DVD player all have to match (either -R or +R). This is why people are having
problems with pixelation, movies locking up or pausing and copies playing in one DVD player
and not in another, and if the media is not compatible with your burner this will cause the copy
to finalize as soon as it starts to burn and it will also take forever to finalize.

Now, you're ready to run Platinum!!!!!!!!!!

I can't guarantee this will work for you but it did for me and I'm almost 100% sure it will
work for you also.

Because of all of the downloading that you'll have to do, I would suggest that if you don't
have a high speed Internet connection you may want to go to a friends house or somewhere
where that does. To download and install everything it took me about two hours with DSL.

After doing everything above there is only one thing to do before running Platium each time
and that is Step 15. msconfig.

Steps for making a Copy of a DVD
1. Step 15 (msconfig)
2. Run Platium

NOTE: After a successful operation (read and write) close the 321 Studio software then
restart Platinum again before your next operation (read and write). There is no need to
Restart your Computer between each DVD.

As I said at the beginning of this it sounds like alot to do but trust me it's not bad. To be
honest I enjoyed it. I started at 8:00 a.m. on Saturday morning and was copying DVD's
by 5:00 p.m. and during that time I watched a basketball game and a half. Believe me I
have spent probably twenty times more time than this reading this forum trying to figure
out why I coundn't get things to work and I really believe all of the answers are here. I'm
going to reinstall my other software in a few days but I'm only going to install one program
at a time. This way I can see which one of the programs (if any) interferes with Platium. I
think my problem could have been all of the many internet downloaded programs that I have
done in the past. I'll download one, use it for a while and then uninstall it or get rid of it
someway. Alot of times you don't get rid of all of a program and I believe it can corrupt
your system. I think this is what happened to me.

If anyone uses this let me know how it worked.

These are two test that you can do to see if your computer is capable of burning DVD's. It
doesn't say you can use CPU Burn-in with XP but it will work.

CPU Burn-in
Download CPU Burn-in at: http://users.bigpond.net.au/cpuburn/

Reading a DVD can cause a CPU to run at a 100% for the length of time it takes to read it.
This can cause the CPU to overheat and may cause the computer to shutdown or act ugly
in some other way. CPU Burn-in will run the CPU at 100% for the length of time you set it
for. If you do have a error it will give you a report saying so. It's a good idea to run it for
20-25 minutes because that's about as long as it takes to read a DVD.

Download Memtest86 at: http://www.memtest86.com/

After downloading Memtest86 extract the .iso and burn the .iso to a CD to make a bootable
CD. Make sure your BIOS is set to boot from the CD-ROM before the Hard drive. Insert your
CD boot disc, restart your computer and the test will start automatically. Memtest86 will
run 10 different test with each pass and usually one pass is enough but it will run until you
stop it by hitting the esc button. It takes around 20-25 minutes.

I will be gone for several weeks and will not be able to watch
this post. If people are still useing it and it seems to be helping
please keep it bumped up.


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