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AfterDawn Addict

8 Apr 2004 1:18 PM
As a result of 321 complying with a recent court order, our Ripper-Free products will not contain a DVD ripper that previously allowed you to read a CSS encrypted movie. If you attempt to read a CSS encrypted movie, you will receive a message stating that our product cannot read a CSS encrypted movie.
The Ripper-Free versions of our products contain browse functionality instead. The START button in DVDXCOPY XPRESS and in DVDXCOPY PLATINUM Simple Mode is activated only when a disc is in the drive. If a disc is not in the drive, this button displays as a BROWSE button to allow you to browse your hard drive for an unencrypted video file you wish to back up on a DVD.

Q: Did the Judge rule that I can’t backup a CSS Protected DVD?

A: No. The judge stated: “The downstream uses of the software by the customers of 321, whether legal or illegal, are not relevant to determining whether 321 itself is violating the statute” (the DMCA). This means that while 321 Studios is not presently permitted to manufacture, distribute or even provide a link to DVD ripper software, in any country where you have a lawful source of DVD ripper software, you may be able to download, install and use it for purposes allowed by the laws of your country.


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Get AnyDVD HD and copy any DVD or Blu-ray disc with ease!
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