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Has Anyone Been Able To Download Platinum??

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Posted Message

8 Sep 2003 5:04 PM
hollygirl (and 321 studios)

That was Excellent !!

Thanks for takin' the time to post that.

And thanks to 321 studios support for the source of that info.

Looks like a lot of good things to go checkout.

As far as your original question about whether anyone has tried any/all of this stuff, yes/no. While I haven't studied all this yet, I took a quick glance and some of these suggestions caused me to think "aaahhhh yes, I seem to remember something about this/that/whatever".

Unfortunately there ARE a lot of conflicts between software packages these days. If you have the original installation SW for some of these applications you want to remove (to try a suggestion), then it can't hurt. (you can always reinstall them) I know that I had to remove "Intel Application Accellerator" just to get my 1st iteration of DXC to work last year. An idea I got from another thread on this forum, possibly a hint from 321 support, not sure. Turns out, the Application accellerator wasn't helping a my system a D*&^ bit anyway, so no loss. (I'm running Win2K Pro)

One of the other familiar Platinum bugs has to do with not being able to "Preview" the selected Title Sets. I'm experiencing that too. But I don't think that is unique to DXC products. I've had those symptoms with other "DVD" software. I had another DVD program (VoBrator or something) and I couldn't get the preview to work on it either until I did some "other things" first. I just don't remember what that was at the moment, but I'm going to explore it.

These ideas you posted from 321 studios will certainly trigger a lot of "reminders" to check out as well.

Again, Thanks for posting.
I'll get back if I discover anything too.....


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8 Sep 2003 9:59 PM

Ok, I give it my best shot to help you. First of all, Did you try a fresh download of Platinum, now that the mad rush has subsided?
There is a chance you received some corupted files. You can operate with DXC,DXCX, and Platinum on your system. I am running all the programs on my system.

When you start Platinum are you using the Advanced segement of the program? The Simple does have a problem on some machines, ie, read the disc for a few seconds, and then switch to the write mode for another few seconds, and finishes the disc with a complete write. 321 is aware of this problem and a patch is forth coming. Now when using the Advanced segment of the program, you need to insert the disc, then agree with a short EULA. Next the Disc name should appear, and under it the number Of TitleSets, Place a check mark next to the TitleSet, (little gray box, click on it),,, on the TitleSet,click on the + sign. HighLight the TitleSet, the preview should now be active Click on the Preview The window should open and start to play the movie. You are now ready to go to the next step. Closeout the preview window, click on the next button, The program has preset the compression ratio needed to fit the movie to disc. Highlight the TitleSet, and Click next. By the way the movie I am using to walk you thru these steps is "Lord of the Rings", and it contains one TitleSet, so you must use the programs preselected compression. Now onword,,,,The lock TitleSet should have an X marked in the box, click the Next button, the movie should start to read the info on the DVD.

8 Sep 2003 10:53 PM
I downloaded Platinum this morning, installed it & registered it with no problems whatsoever.
Only thing is it has the read-me file for DVDXcopy XPress, so I am not sure about all the Title Sets compression & I don't know where to look for the answers as to just how the Platinum works...I will probably play around with it & try to figure it out - unless someone can help me in this area - Thanks.

9 Sep 2003 12:35 PM

thanks for posting your suggestions. i am successful getting the simple and advanced to read the original movie disc. it takes about 30 minutes on my machine. but then when it says to insert blank dvd, i do, but it just sits there. the green light on my drive flickers a few times like the drive has recognized the disc is there, but the program does not go anywhere or do anything. the gray start button on the screen does not turn green.

like i have said in a previous post, the xpress trial and xcopy work fine for me, but there seems to be something different about platinum that is giving me troubles.

the email i got from 321 tech support suggested (among other things) to remove the GoBack program that gives you restore points to revert your hard drive to a previous time. i don't have that anymore, but i wonder if the "system restore" feature in dell's accessories->system tools->system restore is causing the same conflict? it basically does the same thing as GoBack.

any one have any successes with this problem?


9 Sep 2003 2:32 PM

IMHO, System Restore is all you need. It does not conflict with anything and I use that feature on occasion and has saved me a lot of headaches.
It's simple to use and it works.

Rag Tag Dual-Dozen

9 Sep 2003 2:38 PM
I don't know if my experience is unique, but every time I've tried downloading Platinum, my computer quarantined the software. In addition to being unable to use Platinum, it would make my Windows Media Player inoperable. I called tech services, which suggested I turn off my anti-virus/firewall protection. I did and the software downloaded.

Unfortunately, it still affected Windows Media 9. I restored my entire system and tried various configurations to get Platinum to work, but it always rendered something inoperable. I never had this problem with either Xpress or the original dvdxcopy. So I removed Platinum and will wait until the bugs are fixed.

Anyone else have a problem like this? I've read the forums, but haven't encountered this (unless I didn't read very closely, which is entirely possible).I have a Sony Vaio, 512 MB DDR, 1.6 GHz, Sony DRX-500UL external burner.

It's no biggie though. Unlike a lot of others who have become angered over the problems with the software, I'll wait until it improves. And history is on the company's side that it will.
Senior Member

9 Sep 2003 2:47 PM

What programs are you using for anti-virus and firewall protection?

Also, what operating system are you using?



9 Sep 2003 8:26 PM
I'm running XP with the PC-cillin that came with my Vaio.

9 Sep 2003 8:30 PM
I tried to send above message to 321 but no success.
"I downloaded the Platinum version and it was sucessfull. When I tried to make a backup using advanced it only made the Backup disclaimer. I tried simple but the same problem occured. I'm waiting for the disc I ordered, re-install and try again. Please advise. Thank you." This is exactly the same problem Hollygril is having. It only reads the disc and burns the Backup disclaimer only, and sits there. Please advise.

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Senior Member

9 Sep 2003 8:36 PM

Ok, well I know that a lot of times anti-virus software will cause problems when you try and install other software. my suggestion would also have been to try and do everything with the Anti-virus stuff turned off.

Another thing. Since you are using Windows XP, did you install Platinum from the administrator level? or where you logged in as a user? If as a user you will more than likely run into problems with it or other apps.

XP requires that new software be installed by the administrator or by a user with FULL administrator privleges(sp) and access.

As painful as it might be, if you installed as a user try uninstalling it, log off as you and re-log in as the administrator and re-install from there.

Then see if it runs properly.

If not, let me know and we will continue from there.


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9 Sep 2003 9:45 PM

to keep you all posted on my efforts...following the email from 321 tech support, i tried the following:

1. removed roxio Direct CD
2. removed GoBack
3. removed McAfee anti-virus
4. disabled norton anti-virus
5. removed IBM DLA
6. verified by doing search function for files or folders that these were not installed: B's clip, HP DLA, InCD, Interactual Player and PC Friendly Player, Ulead programs, Veritas DLA.
7. uninstalled platinum
8. downloaded and installed ASPI V4.7
9. changed msconfig to disable all windows XP
10. verified that windows xp sp1 installed
11. restarted PC
12. downloaded platinum 3.0.01 today and installed it
13. tried simple and then tried advanced methods

i am sorry to say, there has been no change in the problem. platinum will read the original movie (takes about 30 mintues), then asks for a blank dvd, after i insert the blank, then the hardware drive blinks for about 20 seconds, then nothing. they gray eye just stares at me.

i guess i will email 321 back and see what they suggest next. has anyone else had success with this particular problem?

9 Sep 2003 10:07 PM
Thanks shoemaker, I'll try that and let you know the results tomorrow.

9 Sep 2003 11:09 PM
I have been trying to download platinum for the last 2 hours. Every time I click on download, the comes up page cannont be displayed and the same thing happens when I try to download aspi 4.7 .

Can some help


9 Sep 2003 11:33 PM
Holly Girl, seems to me that Platinum is not recognizing your burner, which burner do you have? Im not familiar with your system specs, and Im not sure how familiar you are with the hardware, but if possible, switch the dvd burner to another ide channel or make it master if its not already. Try upgrading the firmware on the drive... I mean, if it asks for a blank media and then it just greys out, than the problem is with the the burner, well not the burner, but compatability with the burner and software... OR have you tried different media?? your cheapest safest thing to try first is different media type / brand / speed.
My Specs:
P4 2.2 (400MHz. FSB)
1GB PC 266
2-40GB Hard Drive on a Raid 1 *as boot volume*
1-60GB Hard Drive*as secondoray/storage volume*
ATI Radeon AIW-8500DV
Creative DVD-Rom 12x
Plextor 16x CDRW
Sony Dru500a with latest firmware

10 Sep 2003 1:48 AM

yeah. i think maybe there is some sort of non-recognition going on, but i don't really have confidence in trying anything too exotic for fear of really getting my pc screwed up so other programs don't work. that was one of the BIG things i liked about the 321 products- they were easy to install and use. ( i still have high hopes of getting platinum to work, though)

i have a matshita dvd-ram LF-D310 drive that i think was marketed by IBM. i have been using ritek dvd-r media and primedisc dvd-r media with no problems before platinum.

i am emailing 321 tech support again and will post their answer when i get it.


10 Sep 2003 4:21 PM
ok i'm haveing the same proplem like hollygirl i did try what she post but nothin so i found a way to go around Platinum it will work till 321 fix his proplem all you have to do is this run the program and when it says to put in a blank dvd go ahead and do it nothin will happen i know so close platinum and open Neroburning rom or what ever burning program you got that can burn dvds.. just dont forget were platinum copyed the movie at it does not delete when you close platinum down the folder stays it should say dvdxpress thats all you have to do i did it last night and it works but remember your useing a diferent burning driver not from 321 you might not be able to play your copy in some dvd player but who nows. give it a try an tell me about it.. This is a quik fix till 321 fix there program..

10 Sep 2003 5:16 PM
I've had problems withe the matshita dvd-ram LF-D310 drive as well but not with Platinum as I haven't downloaded it yet. In order to get Xpress to recognize the media in the drive I used PCsetup.exe to find the drive and activate it. I had to open the drive and close it several times but once I got it to spin up without an error, Xpress would burn the disk every time. I hope this may be an easy solution for you.


10 Sep 2003 10:23 PM

thanks for your post. since you have the same dvd burner that i have (matshita dvd-ram LF D310), i am curious if you are going to download platinum. if so, will you please post your results here?

i had no trouble with this burner for xcopy or xpress trial- read and burned like a charm. but i still have no luck with platinum.

i emailed 321 tech support but have not gotten an answer back yet. i know they are super busy.


10 Sep 2003 10:38 PM
From reading all the posts, It appears to me that every single piece of software installed on any machine that has DVD XCopy Platinum somehow interferes with Platinum. The simple solution is to remove all of the software on your machines and you are now able to get Platinum to work.
Are you kidding me with these excuses -- admit it, the program is a dog that was not ready for "prime time".

11 Sep 2003 7:49 AM

SO far I've been unable to download platinum. Every time I try to verify my Xpress license ID, I'm eventually directed to an unknown URL so I haven't received a license for Xpress. Maybe, I'm fortunate in this but I'd like to play with Platinum if possible. Did I miss something earlier in this thread?


11 Sep 2003 10:52 AM

there are probably several ways to get your platinum id, assuming you qualify for the upgrade, of course. there are several other threads that address that question, but here is what worked for me.

i faxed this info to tammy at 321 (636 720-3601): name, address, email address, xcopy license no. and copy of receipt for xcopy. this was on 9/3/03 before 321 had the "Platinum Upgrade Check" on the 321 support center page.

the next day, i logged into the customer support(http://www.dvdxcopy.com/support/index.htm) and it listed all of the products i have purchased, plus the entry for the Free Platinum upgrade with a link to download it. i had no trouble downloading and installing, but then...well you know the rest.

also, i spoke with a 321 customer service (877 401-8355) person who said emails sent to AOL emails are being blocked as spam by AOL, so i should have gotten an email from them but that was the reason i didn't.

unfortunately, i do not have a copy of xpress to fall back on while platinum gets sorted out- just the trial version and xcopy.

good luck!

11 Sep 2003 11:07 AM
Hi, In the support appears the version 3.0.2, and Mr Moore are talking these:

Platinum 3.0.1 is ready for release.

Fixes in this release:

* Using the whole disc option in Simple Mode the burn would sometimes fail. This issue is resolved.

* On disks small enough to fit on one DVD the read would fail in 3 seconds and go to the burn. This issue is resolved.

* Read Complete and Write Complete sounds now play properly.

* Audio has been added to the preview window.

* Preview of unsupported title sets now exits with a proper error message.

* Drive list settings displayed extraneous characters. This issue is resolved.

* Disk recognition time has been improved.

Wich version are already function?, is the same the 3.0.1 and 3.0.2?
If not whats news in 3.0.2, and why I donīt received an email telling me the new version.
Best regards.
Also could be better to have a manual of how to use the platynum, because I not an expert and I donīt know how to use the better comprension, TDF etc.
And could be good to choice to put may be two languajes, etc
Best regards
Juan Martin

Junior Member

11 Sep 2003 11:37 AM
Does Platinum support episodic DVD's I didn't see that listed in the FAQ on the software, but in previous statements from dxc they said it would.


11 Sep 2003 11:42 AM

I received an email from support telling me Xpress didn't qualify for a free upgrade. Funny, as I thought it did. Anyway, I also have a copy of DVXC so I used it's ID number and was able to sucessfully download Platinum. I haven't tried it yet.

Senior Member

11 Sep 2003 11:45 AM

I have not yet burned an episodic DVD with Platinum, but it should. It lets you select what title sets to burn so you should be able to select what you want.
And Xpress does allow it, and it is in Platinum so you should be fine.
Thanks for the liberty Mr.Roberts, thanks for the liberty.
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