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Virus in Files PE_Zmorph.av

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26 Oct 2003 3:20 PM
So, I tried notifying 321studios the first time Platinum came out and this time I am seeing the same virus PE_zmorph.av when I download the new Xpress and Platinum.

I am using Fixit utilities which for some reason seems to catch more viruses than Norton, etc. Not sure why the rest are not catching this but I looked and did not find this virus defined in those other tools.

If needed, I will post URL of the virus that is on the Trend Micro website which is where Fix it gets it's virus files.

Can someone with connections let 321 know as the only solution is to delete the file which means that you cannot load it. I can load it but the virus checker keeps coming up with a notice each time I try to load. No idea yet what damage it may be doing.

Check the person compiling the programs as it seems to be on someone's machine.

9 Nov 2003 5:54 PM
This has been covered before. There's no virus:

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