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Free iTunes ID eraser THANKS TO p2pnet.net/

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AfterDawn Addict

26 Jun 2007 12:30 PM
Free iTunes ID eraser

p2pnet.net news:- "Steve Jobs is keeping quiet on the fact Apple has been caught red-handed trying to promote the idea it's anti-DRM on the one hand, and hiding user data in its new $1.30 iTunes downloads on the other," p2pnet posted recently.

There isn't much iTunes users can do about the price hike, but a new open source application from our mates over in France can certainly help with the second.

Called Privatunes, it was developed by the founders of Ratiatum and the brand-new Matoumba news reader.

It's freeware which allows users who buy iTunes Plus tracks to wipe their tracks clean, erasing the AppleID (email address) and username.

[color=Yellow]5 reasons to erase private information from my legally acquired iTunes Plus library:

1. Am I still a child who needs his pencilcase and schoolbag tagged with my name?

2. I bought the damn tune, but someday I may want to sell it (hey, how is it more stupid that selling old CDs ?).

3. I just have a thing for privacy. Is it dirty?

4. How the heck do I know it's not gonna be shared on P2P networks by my 6 year old step sister???

5. I thought good customer-seller relationship ment something like... how do they say, "trust' ?


Privatunes 0.9 (Windows)

Guillaume Champeau runs Ratiatum and, "We believe anyone who buys DRM-free songs online should be free to do whatever they're legally entitled to do, including to sell it or let their close family or friends copy it, with no fear and no one spying over their shoulder.

Champeau says in his view, there's zero need for a permanent personal ID tag when you sell something.

"There's no reason to attach the name and email address of the buyer on whatever is being sold. Selling is the act of transfering a property from the owner to the buyer, and they should be no limit or restriction whatsoever.

"It's what differenciates the so-called selling of a DRMed song (which is nothing other than long terme rental) and the selling of a DRM-free song.

"It's a question of privacy, it's a question of seller-customer trust, it's a question of customers rights."

Click here to download Privatunes. The source code is on the way, and we'll also make it available from p2pnet. So stay tuned.

Slashdot Slashdot it!

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(Tuesday 26th June 2007)

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