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DVD X Copy Platinum Guide

Get AnyDVD HD and copy any DVD or Blu-ray disc with ease!
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AfterDawn Addict

9 Jun 2007 1:35 PM
CAUTION: Authentic DVD X Copy software is no longer being sold anywhere. Many websites are selling fake DVD X Copy Software and fake 321 Studios products for $29 and under together with license codes and a separate free "activation server update" file or similar "patch" file or CD. These are not authentic DVD X Copy products, but rather cracks that destabilize your computer system and will not function properly. Beware of any sites that continue to sell DVD X Copy Platinum version and that "guarantee" activation. DVDXCopy products purchased from these sites are not authentic, not eligible for support or updates and should be returned for a refund. For information on authentic DVD X Copy software products that will enable you to copy any DVD movie, click here: dvd copy software.

Authentic DVD X Copy software should ONLY require a license ID and password to activate. If you are experiencing operating system failure or other technical issues relating to a DVD X Copy "activation server file", "patch" or "activation CD", contact the seller directly for an immediate refund as this indicates a cracked version of the product.

DVD X Copy Platinum Guide
by Afonic - http://www.dvd-guides.com/

DVD X Copy Platinum is a program which contains three of the most successful DVD copy program: DVD X Copy, DVD X Copy Xpress and DVD X Rescue. It supports almost everything, including unlocking the disc, ripping, shrinking, splitting, recovering damaged discs and burning! It is the only program that you will need when you are about to copy a DVD. The program is commercial but you can easily download it and buy a serial here: http://www.dvdxcopy.com/default.asp?a=64939

Let's start the guide now!

Step 1

This is the main window. I will explain what all these buttons do.
(1) Opens DVD X Copy Xpress (included) to copy a DVD with just 1 click!
(2) Open DVD X Copy Platinum which we are going to use.
(3) Opens DVD X Rescue with which you can save scratched discs.
(4) Opens the settings.
For start click (4) to open the settings.

Step 2

You only have to do this once. (1) Select your DVD burner (if you don't have a CD writer you will only see your DVD burner there).
(2) Select another temp folder ot leave this one. Don't worry all the files that are going to be placed there will be deleted after the disc copy. Leave the others as they are and click Save As Default. Then click the Advanced button you can see on your left (not shown here, it's button 2 in the step 1 above).

Step 3

Insert the DVD in the drive.

Step 4

Here we are at the main window of this poweful tool.
(1) Select the titles you want. If you are not sure which ones are the right select them and click the Preview Video button you see at the right. Now here's the nice stuff. See the Use Compression selection?
(2) If your DVD is over 4.38GB (you can see size above) then selecting it will result shrinking the disc to fit into 1 blank DVD reducing the quality a little bit. If you don't select it the program will split the disc into 2 DVD±Rs so that you can have exactly the same quality as the original movie! Make your selection and click Next (3). We are going to show what to do in both situations (selecting it or not).

Step 5
This is if you SELECTED Use Compression.

Here you can do some nice stuff! Select one titles you want (1) and then by moving the bar (2) you can alter the level of compression they have, so that you can give more quality to the movie and not some extras you may have included. (3) This shows the generall compression. If this is under 45% I suggest you use 2-disc method we show below. Anyway you finally click Next. (If you are only copying one Title click Next without playing with compressions).
Generally the program makes the best selections here so just click Next. (4)

This is if you DID NOT SELECTED Use Compression.

Here you can see which titles go at what disc. You can move a title you select (1) to another disc by using the right buttons (3) if it fits there of course. You can also select where to split the movie.
Also here the program makes the best selections here so just click Next. (4)

Step 6 - Conclusion

Finally our copy starts. Easy wasn't it? Well even if you found things above a little complicated you should not worry. After 2-3 copies you are going to learn everything. If you want an one-click program DVD X Copy Xpress can do the job. You can buy it alone but it is also included in DVD X Copy Platinum, so I suggest that if you can afford the Platinum you get it! It is the best program I've seen so far and includes three of the best 321 Studios programs (DVD X Copy, Xpress and Rescue).

You can have a look at some trials and buy the programs by downloading them and getting a serial here: http://www.dvdxcopy.com/default.asp?a=64939

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Get AnyDVD HD and copy any DVD or Blu-ray disc with ease!
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