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How about adding what burning program 'works' best with product

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18 Aug 2003 6:00 AM
I am a newbie and my Sony came with Veritas Record Now. I uninstalled that application and added DVDCopy/DVDCopy Express. But Now I have to uninstall DVDCopy/DVDCopy Express and install Veritas Record Now to do regular Data/music burning. Then when I wanted to make a backup copy of one of my DVDs I have to do the same process...uninstall Veritas and install DVDCopy. I have gone back and forth for about 3 times. Will that affect my activation number? Is there an easier way? I am new at this so I am not computer savey. I would like to replace Veritas Record now with a 'simple to use' program so I can have both features, use DVDCopy and have a simple date/music/picture burning software.

What would be the best burning program I can use with both DVDXCopy and DVDXCopy Express??? So I can aquire that one instead of playing software musical chairs. Which burning software works best with DVDX?

Any suggestions?

I think by adding this as a heading(Which burning software works best)it would help the novice DVDX users. I have read some of the topics by using the search button but they are not clear for us newbies(dopes).

18 Aug 2003 9:24 AM
I personally have not come across any user that had problems having DVDXCopy/Exress and Veritas RecordNow installed at the same time.

I have that setup on my computer and use RecordNow fairly often with no problems.

I'm not saying it won't cause a problem with DXC's products, but I have not come across one instance where it did.

The Veritas DLA (packet writing) software that comes with your drive, however, has caused many problems.

Keep just the Veritas RecordNow installed, do not install Vertas DLA, and try running DVDXCopy/Express. I bet you won't have any problems.

Rag Tag Dual-Dozen

19 Aug 2003 4:15 AM
That is comforting that you can use Veritas RecordNow since that is what came with my computer.

Now to figure out how to disable DLA in Veritas so I can use both. :')

Thanks Conrad.

19 Aug 2003 4:10 PM
robin I have a sony dru 500a you can install all the software on the install disc but the dla software also recently I had to uninstall all of the software and reinstall it because it was giving me problems with it but not dvdxcopy or xpress just veritas and sonic my dvd but all is good now hope this helps
Get AnyDVD HD and copy any DVD or Blu-ray disc with ease!
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