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New user level system

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I hate titles

4 Jun 2003 8:23 PM
Ok, after tons of complains and questions, the userlevel system has been changed. Now, the userlevels that you can see across our sites (AfterDawn.com forums, DVDXCopy forums) are with their explanations:

-user's account has been disabled. This can happen if the email address in our email database becomes "invalid" and "bounces" or the user can be banned by admins.

-just joined in

Junior Member
-more than 25 posts

-more than 100 posts

Senior Member
-hand-picked individuals with tons of posts and good rep among mods and admins

AfterDawn Addict
-guys with literally thousands of messages

DVDXCopy Moderator
-self-explaining, can administrate the DVDXCopy forums, but not the AfterDawn.com forums.

-can administrate both, DVDXCopy and AfterDawn.com forums.

Staff Member
-guy who works for AfterDawn.com

-guy who works for AfterDawn.com

Da Boss
-me :-)
Petteri Pyyny

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4 Jun 2003 9:00 PM
Excellant changes. Should help make things more official looking, and easier to tell who works where and for whom.

Of course, that still doesn't leave a proper catagory for Stollery (Newbie Mod). ;)
Rag Tag-1
AfterDawn Addict

4 Jun 2003 10:42 PM
I SAY THE LIST SYSTEM IS WRONG,it should go like this.NO BABY WORDS LIKE ((junior))
Thay are grown up men and women...DO YOU THINK YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE CALLED (JUNIOR)????
THATS NO HONOR THATS HIGH SCHOOL....or the meaning of,in the (dictionary),Relating to youth or childhood....look it up.....

honeorary member
senior member
honorary dvdxcopy moderator
dvdxcopy moderator
AND SO ON.....

Now another problem,after your done helping somene you look up at the title to see where your are and what do you see but this(PROBLEMS USEING THE SOLFWARE) YOU HAVE 2-LISTING FOR THE SAME TITLE,
Each sub title must and should have the last name of of the main title.....
main title
dvdxcopy express
sub titles
list of know issues (EXPRESS)
problems using the solfware (EXPRESS)
or this
main title-dvdxcopy (V1X)
sub title
list of known issues (V1X)
problems useing solfware (V1X)
listing the main name in the sub titles sure would help to know where you are when you in a thread.....when your done.....

please don't take my ideas in the wrong way....
i can see those two problems,and thay will cause a problem...i worked with the public for over for 35 years,

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AfterDawn Addict

5 Jun 2003 12:03 PM
What do you think? or should i keep mw mouth shut!!!
another thing,i would like to know where in the world is drd from?and his real name,his first will do!!
I hate titles

5 Jun 2003 2:13 PM
I'm from Finland, just like all the other AfterDawn staff members are, although I've lived outside Finland for last 3.5years (NYC and now in London), my first name is the one in my sig -- Petteri. Not that it would make any difference whatsoever.

And we simply wanted to intruduce one new user level and adding a "junior member" between Newbie and Member seemed logical as we already have a member level of "Senior Member".

We call the "main divisions" as "groups" (DVDXCopy v1.x and XPRESS are two examples of those) and individual thingys underneath as "forums" and this thing where I'm now replying to is "thread".

And I agree, it is kinda confusing not to see the group name when there are same forum names in two different groups. I'll take a look what I can do with it.

Next thing we're going to improve on forums is the logging in and maintaining your login throughout your session -- firewalls and proxies seem to kill cookies pretty effectively on various occassions.
AfterDawn Addict

5 Jun 2003 3:28 PM
knowing your name means a lot,when i was growing up i was taught to show proper respect to that persons by all ways knowing the persons name.....
Glad you understand one of the problems...
I still feel junior should not bs used,
I took a poll on useing junior,through e-mail,thay sure don't like it as per the above reason...

12 Jun 2003 9:59 AM
Another suggestion,

Can the email notification show the thread it is for in the title ?.

That way if I have 15 emails about the same thread I can easily delete 14 of them.

Currently I have to open each email to see what thread it is for, before I can delete the duplicates.
I hate titles

12 Jun 2003 10:04 AM
mwilett: Good suggestion that has been suggested before as well. I'll take a look into it. We're still working on a "better solution" that would send you only one reminder until you actually visit the thread, but this requires whole lotta more work than changing the mail subject line.
Petteri Pyyny

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Get AnyDVD HD and copy any DVD or Blu-ray disc with ease!
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