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DXCX - no response

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Junior Member

30 May 2003 12:43 AM

Hi, got a few successful backups with DXCX 2.01 and I am running Win98SE.
Just encountered one that is giving me some problem. Perfect Blue - Manga anime.
Upon launching step one...it would go a few seconds and then the copy program screen would go blank...clt-alt-del showed DXCX has no response.

Using DXC, I have the following file structure for it.

VideoManager 143mb
TitleSet 2 6291mb(FULL)
TitleSet 1 7mb(FULL)

I have also changed the default from widescreen to full screen and I have the same no response error.
I also noticed that the DVD has extra sections (pictures gallery etc..) and seems like it is intergate into the (one) main titleset...is that why the program freeze?? Maybe it can't decode or extract just the movie from titleset 2??
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