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Name of the .Reg file

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28 May 2006 5:24 AM
Ok I own the CD, licence, case, the whole shebang, and I just need to get GamesXcopy working one last time. I vaguely remember using the activate from another computer a little over a year ago and it worked then, however when I do it now it says in really BIG white letters 'NO MORE ACTIVATIONS FOR THIS LICENSE' Anyway, I am trying to find the Reg file I used last year to activate it again, I have been trying a reg file that I located named Activation.reg, 10KB but it doesn't seem to be working, is that the correct file and if so is there any reason that it isn't working on my system now? Hardware has changed quite a bit yada yada yada...
AfterDawn Addict

28 May 2006 8:30 AM
the activation.reg file is a one time use only file. You can try and send a ticket to international and ask to have your activation reset, since they own the servers now.


28 May 2006 9:00 PM
I filled out a support ticket, is help from them a longshot or can I actually expect a solution to my problem from them?

Oh yeah, I guess I might as well ask for the link to the GamesXcopy update just in case, I just checked and I have version

The Main thing I need access to the cd images (.XMF) that I created with GamesXcopy as I actually NEED to make CD's to replace a few damaged OEM CD's. I didn't know that there was going to be a big support problem for the future with GamesXcopy and I basicly used it to make XMF backups for everything, XP, OfficeXP pro, etc etc.
AfterDawn Addict

29 May 2006 6:59 PM
Scotterz,try this...

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14 Jul 2006 9:02 AM
I purchased DVDXCOPY from Best Buy in March 2004. I just purchased a new laptop and I'm trying to install the software on it. However, when the software connects to registration server I get a pop up message that says I have reached my allotted (7) times for activation. This is understandable as I received 3 replacement laptops from Dell under my warranty, and I also did re-formatting a few times. I would like to re-format old laptop as it has bad sectors and give to my husband. I have been holding off doing this as I am hoping there is a way to get the registration file off the old computer and place on new one. I have read all the threads regarding this and have contacted dvdxcopy international and filled out a ticket requesting a re-set. However I am under the impression that the tickets are being responded to in a "BOT" manner. No sooner do I send a reply I get a response back in seconds with excuse of server(S) being down. This has been going on now for two weeks. What can I do? Also tickets are being replied by "Alice" and they get answered right away at time during the day or night. I have tried all hours which is why I believe the responses are "BOT" like. Any suggestions?
AfterDawn Addict

14 Jul 2006 11:10 AM
quote weimluvr2
like. Any suggestions?

(yes)like posting in the correct board...
for platinum,xpress or dvdxcopy..
as this is the games board and games is not supported any more
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