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DVD X Show photo image path

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19 Aug 2005 11:37 AM
I tried to burn a slide show, but it warned me about low memory space on the primary HD. I went ahead and burnt it anyway, and it failed. The primary HD is 40 GB and I don't want to delete any other files. I do have another internal 160 GB secondary HD, but I couldn't find a way to save the encoded image for future burning to the secondary HD. Anyone knows how to change the "Saved as" path? Please help!

16 Nov 2005 8:34 PM
Hi . .When you save the 'project' and project files put them to the location where you want the files to reside.

If your C drive is so full then it sounds liek you really need to look at where you are directing your 'stuff' and move it off and onto your D (data) drive. The only 'stuff' on your C drive should be applications .. no images.

Also reduce the size of all of your images that you work with for X-Show. It will output only 640 by 480 at 72 dpi so anything bigger is a waste of resources . .like RAM and Hard drive space UNLESS you are doing a lot of zooming INTO images.

Hope this helps - Mike in Maine

17 Nov 2005 8:06 AM
Thanks. I'll give it a try.
Get AnyDVD HD and copy any DVD or Blu-ray disc with ease!
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