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AfterDawn Addict

4 Sep 2004 3:07 AM
There are two types of TDF files. The first kind are designed to fix errors caused by particular movies. These are the ones you can download off the Forum. The second are ones you create using Platinum.

To use the TDF files available on the Forum, you must first download and then save them on your computer. It doesn't matter where you save them. You can save them to your TDF library folder, but even though they are recognized in Advanced, they will not be usable in the Advanced mode of Platinum.

The way to use these files is simply to double-click on the TDF icon. The icon will look like a white piece of paper with "TDF" on it. Once the movie is in your reader, just double-click the icon, and a window will pop up. This window contains all of the pertinent information about that TDF file, such as what movie it's for, what audio it uses, etc. At the bottom there is a button that says "Open With Xpress. When you click that button it will start up either Xpress or the Simple mode of Platinum. These are the only two ways TDF files can be used. Once the program is up, click the green Start button. The movie and whatever options that were selected by the TDF file should be copied.

The second type of TDF files are the ones you create. These essentially save your settings for a particular movie. If you want to copy a movie and two of the five special features, you must first find out which titleset is which. The titleset with the most chapters should be the movie, or you can use the preview button to see which titleset has what information. Once you know what titlesets you want to copy, select them by checking the box next to the titleset. If you click on them you can rename the title set if you want.

After everything is how you want it, click Save TDF. It will give you the option to name the TDF file and give a short description. If you save this file in the TDF library, it will be accessible through the Advanced mode of Platinum. If you think you need a TDF file created for a movie, please post your request in the “Request TDF Files Here” section instead of posting them as a new thread in the TDF section.

Just wanted to add some info courtesy of Gendo.

Keep in mind that a TDF is not a cure-all; a TDF file contains setup instructions that tell DVD X Copy XPRESS (or simple mode in Platinum) how back up a DVD movie. TDF files for DVD X Copy XPRESS (or simple mode in Platinum) are intended to be used only to fix incorrect titleset selections made by DVD X Copy XPRESS (or simple mode in Platinum) and DVD authoring problems inherent in some DVD movies.

A DVD X Copy XPress or Platinum TDF will only help if you have successfully created a backup, but:
The backup has the incorrect titleset
The backup has the incorrect audio language
The backup has the incorrect video format
The backup has the incorrect subtitle

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Get AnyDVD HD and copy any DVD or Blu-ray disc with ease!
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