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Games X Copy - What you really need to know..

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29 Apr 2004 7:45 PM
OK.. I've seen loads of post her from users wnating to know if they can copy X-box and PS2 and PSX or GameCube games.. I have answerd these question on the 321Live! Forum and thought it might be a good idea to pos them here too!!

I hope this will clear some of the questions up and if a mod could make this a stick post it won't get lost in the other posts.

First off, Games X Copy will copy some console games.. This has been confirmed but The Great Eye (Moderator on the 321Live! Forum) and his statement can be seen here: http://forum.321studios.com/?f=58&m=51851&g=52565#m52565

First off a bit about Nintendo Game Cube discs:

Nintendo GameCube uses 8cm Disc based on Matsushita's Optical Disc Technology. CG discs capacity is approximate. 1.5GB. Now because of this non standard dvd like storage media that Nintendo used it is practically impossible to copy them.

Not that it would not be technically possible - but the costs involved would just too high.

Sorry to tell you this but you can not do it on a CD-R / CD-RW or DVD-R burner.

First to copy the gamez you would have to extract the game data files from Nintendo GameCube Games disc. But because PC CD rom or DVD roms can not read the CG format discs you would need a hacked GameCube with come cheats device to operate the consoles drive and read out files. The drive would have to be hooked up to a computer. AS you can understand that kind of hardware wouldn't be cheap as it would have to be custom made for this purpose. There is no publicly available hardware to burn gamecube game discs. So that would have to be extracted from one of the Nintendo's factories

So 321Studio would have to produce the software and the hardware to perform this task...

Now Microsoft X-Box discs:

First off you need to create an XBOX iso file (xbox games will not read in your pc's dvd drive, just will show you a layout similar to dvds just a VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS folder). But copying Xbox games is remarkably easy, but actually learning how to copy xbox games can be challenging. Once you can ftp into the xbox, you will be able to connect to your xbox with your PC. You then down load the information from the Xbox to your PC and burn it to dvdr.

So 321Studio would have to produce the software and possibly even the hardware to perform this task. But as the Xbox has a network connection a simple cross-over cable should do the trick.

PS2 Game discs:

All you need to know what type of disc you are backing up. Is it a DVD or is it a CD? You can tell by the colour of the disc. Here all is needed is to creat an ISO of the image and then you can burn it back to DVDr or CDr.

PC game discs:
Well what can I say.... The software out there is longer than my arm... You got Nero, Roxio, etc..

Anyway to cut a long story short you can copy Sony PSX and PS2 disc's (CD or DVD) but it won't copy X-Box or GameCube..

So now you know that your can copy a PS2 or PSX disc will it work on my console, the answer is "YES"

The first way is to get your console fitted with a mod chip, this would void any guarrantee on the unit and can cost from 70.00 upwards. The other way is to get a swapout disc. http://www.swapmagic3.com - this is a set of disc which you insert into your ps2 and depending on what game you want to play you boot with a cd or a dvd disc. This adds in the code that tells your console it has a genuine sony disc and all you do is using a slider card, unhook the tray locking mechanisum on the console pull out your boot disc and insert your backup and then close it and press the "X" button. Doing it this way mean you don't open your cosole and void the warrantee!!!

I hope this has been some hep to you guys
Get AnyDVD HD and copy any DVD or Blu-ray disc with ease!
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