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detected defective sectors

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29 Feb 2004 10:37 AM
I'm trying to make an image copy of Medal of Honor Allied Assault,and when it reaches 97% complete,I get many "detected defective sectors" errors.
Anyone know how to get by this?
I tried my DVD Rom Drive,and also my new Plextor 708a DVD burner to read the disk.
Same problem in both.

29 Feb 2004 12:54 PM
just let it run.....I think that's part of the copy protection.

when I was doing BF1942, I must have had literally 1,000 defective sectors, but once I got to sector 11,000---it went the rest of the way (and the image worked)

29 Feb 2004 5:13 PM
This is very important: Shut off DPM mode before you even make a disk image, then, copy your disk image to a blank.

I am running XP Pro and I also am getting the error message while it is writing the image, this will not mean anything when you make your copy. Just let it go ahead with the errors, just make sure you have DPM mode off otherwise your copy will not work properly.

I think Win 98 has problems with this particular game copy anyway you do it. But, I got it to work on my son's Win 98. Talk about that later. If you do this in Win XP you should have a perfectly good copy.

Good luck.
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