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got problems

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15 Feb 2004 5:25 PM
hello everybody
i have just got one big niggle with this software called gamexcopy and that is
a game called CALL OF DUTY i get so far
copying in image form wether in expert or novice form i get coming up in the diag box
a thing called detected defective sectors at 812
812 is the starting number there is about 50 of thses before it stops now the protection for this game is called
SAFEDISC 3.10.020 program this particular program is the most popular one that these software houses use if 321 studios have not done there home work right how can we safe- guard our originaly bought expensive games when it appears the software does not work as everybody is aware that all games are very well protected software going because of problems they have in looking after their investment if any body can help me with my problem i would like to know please

yours dbaston

15 Feb 2004 7:32 PM
Actually, that game is on my list to purchase. I may get it instead of one of the others I'm looking at, and will try.

I'm not too worried about 321 Studios getting this software working. None of there other products are still on version 1.0 - so I imagine there will be fixes for this one.

Of course, it better happen before May 7th, because that's when my 90 day money back guarantee expires...and if it's not working by then, I'm getting my money back!


15 Feb 2004 9:11 PM
well like yourself TIM i will wait a bit longer with the other type of software they produce i think it will not be long before an updated version is due as they did with the good ole dvdxcopy

22 Feb 2004 9:05 PM
The only way I got it to work. Was to burn a image to the hard drive. And I was able to use it without a CD in the drive. When you start the program and a image burning step just walk away in watch TV. Ignore the errors. It will take 30 to 40 minutes to complete. But it'll work just fine without a CD in the drive. But I cannot get it to burn to a CD. I have not been able to get any CDs to burn. I get nothing but errors.

My burner works great with DVDxcopy platinum. Pioneer DVR -104.


22 Feb 2004 9:56 PM
Please see (Issues backingup Games)

29 Feb 2004 11:05 AM
Call of Duty was the first game that I backed up. I burned a disk image and then wrote it to disk. Works perfect. There are four computers in our home and it works on 3 of them. I have not tried it on the fourth, but, it has worked in every CD rom reader that I have put it in. The copy appears to be an original on any of the systems. It will install and play. I am using Plextor PX-W4824A and Pioneer dvr-107D on Windows XP Pro.

If you are running Roxio 5 or 6 with DirecCD or Drag-to-Disk it could be conflicting with your game X copy. I know it does with DVD X copy in some cases. I have also successfully copied Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets, and others and have had no problems. This program really works when you get the bugs out.

Media can also be a factor. I used KHypermedia, I know this is probably an X brand of some kind, but it works with my burners.

Hope this helps, good luck

29 Feb 2004 11:47 AM
I have also found that you have to not only get compatible media for your burner; it has to be a combined compatiblity with your burner and application. In other words, if you're using Plextor PX-W4824A Pioneer DVR-107D and KHypermedia with Games X Copy; that particular combination may not work well with Roxio 5 or 6 or Nero.

I have owned numerous brands of burners since 1999 and I have run into this problem repeatedly. I know this is a hassle, but for me it has been a fact.

Hope this helps.

29 Feb 2004 5:07 PM
This is very important: Shut off DPM mode before you even make a disk image, then, copy your disk image to a blank.

I am running XP Pro and I also am getting the error message while it is writing the image, this will not mean anything when you make your copy. Just let it go ahead with the errors, just make sure you have DPM mode off otherwise your copy will not work properly.

I think Win 98 has problems with this particular game copy anyway you do it. But, I got it to work on my son's Win 98. Talk about that later. If you do this in Win XP you should have a perfectly good copy.

Good luck.

29 Feb 2004 6:22 PM
dbaston here

thanks to all who has given me ideas to try i will try thses i allgood time by the way my pc specs are as follows this is just incase any body knows of any conflicts against any of my hardware please let me know well i have got

amd barton 2800+ plus i use windows xprop i have two hard drives both are ata 100s one is 80gig the other is 120gig 768 meg of 2100 ram
gainward nvidia 5600 fx graphics card also i do have a h.p. dvdrewriter 200i plus a freecom cd rewriter which i have had no problems with either of them i also have a soundblaster audigy card inside plus a wireless lan card going to a router which is on broadband all drivers are bang upto date and that is my lot.
the software i use is nero 5.5 as my copying software and i have had no problems with that at all i did have easy cd creator but removed it as i did not use it much.
i'm very dissapointed at gamesxcopy as i'm a user of the much renound dvdxcopy and i have had no problems with that software at all so i was encouraged when i got a newsletter stating about gamesxcopy so i thought i will have some of that i may have been wrong this time
Get AnyDVD HD and copy any DVD or Blu-ray disc with ease!
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