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Problems playing finished projects

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10 Jan 2004 6:42 PM
When I have finished my project, and outputted it as a DVD file (either on a DVD or on the harddrive) it doesn't play well. It's jerky. This happends on the exactly same spot every time I try to output the file, and it doesn't matter what encoding options I use.

I have tried TMPGenc DVD authoring software, on the same computer, same file, same options, and that works just fine. Have I overlooked anything in DVD X Maker?

Specifications : Source file is a DivX .avi file, encoded to mpeg2 with TMPGenc, then imported into DVD X maker. I output it in PAL 720*576.

Here's what I'm doing :

-I'm opening the Project Wizard in TMPGEnc Plus. Choosing DVD-PAL-CBR MPEG-1 Layer II Audio (MP2)
-I'm choosing my file, a 126MB DivX .avi file. Expert settings are at Video type:Interlace, Field order:Bottom field first, Aspect ratio 4:3 625 line (PAL, 704x576)
-At the filter setting, I leave all boxes clear and click next. At the bitrate setting, I don't change anything. I have a video resolution at 720x576, avg.video bitrate:8000, audio bitrate, 384, and the estimated file size comes out at 401,85 megabytes. I then start encoding the file. It takes about 30 minutes.

-When the file is created, I open DVD X maker. I choose to open a new blank project. I add the file by using the project-add movie menu. DVD X Movie maker then uses a little while preparing video/Audio streams (about 90 seconds). Then it is "building GVP file". About 10 seconds.
-As I would like chapters, I use the automatic chapter generator, and divides it into 5 chapters.
-Then I auto generate menus, and use one of the pre-defined menus.
-When that is done, I open the options dialog, and set the bitrate to 8.000.000 constant bitrate, and the quality settings to "best". "De-interlace interlaced video streams" is also on. As is "prefer quality over time". Everything else is left untouched, the "default audio & Video formats" are "Mpeg1 layer II (MP2)", Video format is "720x576 MPEG2".
-Then I use the DVD X Maker simulator to check my project for errors... everything works smooth and easy.
-Ok, time to build DVD. I clear the "Burn my DVD" box, and let the program save a copy on my harddrive (I have tried burning a DVD too, with the same result). This takes a couple of minutes, and I'm then presented with "DVD image created successfully".
-I quit DVD X Maker, and double click the .VOB file that was created during the process. This makes PowerDVD open, and it starts playing the video. It jerks at a number of spots, and at the exactly same spots as the last time I tried to make the film (and yes, the file is recently been made... have checked the time and date). Using TMPGEnc DVD Author, using the same source, works just fine. I have also tried to encode the file in TMPEnc making separate video and audio tracks. It doesn't work any better. When I try to encode DivX .avi files inside DVD X Maker (by not using TMPEnc first), it says it's encoding audio and video, but nothing happends.

What is it I'm missing about DVD X Maker? I am thinking of using the Money Back Guarantee that I think I saw something about when ordering. So if you can help, please do so, because I would like to use DVD X Maker, as it is a more advanced program than TMPGEnc DVD Author, and with more possibilities.

Hope you can help. Thanks in advance
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