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DVD X Show Wish List

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4 Jan 2004 8:45 PM
Although some of this has appeared elsewhere, I thought it might be useful to concentrate wish lists in one place.

Your wish list will depend on what is important to you. I am interested in:
1. Pan and zoom
2. MPEG-2 file creation (for DVD)
3. Multiple slide shows, with menu, on one DVD (efficient use of disks!)

DVD X Show provides two of these three, if somewhat unintentionally, at the moment. For example, to accomplish the above.

1. Create slide show (with or without audio)
2. Export to DVD, as image file; Cancel/abort at DVD write screen (the MPEG2 files have already been created)
3. "screen.m2v" file in /321 Content/Media contains MPEG-2 video only; VOB file in /321 Content/DVD/Video_TS contains MPEG-2 video and audio (if you add audio). Copy and rename files to (for example) MyShow.mpg.
4. Import created MPG files into DVD Authoring Software (eg, Pinnacle Studio 8), add menu, titles, and audio.

321 Studios claims it is working on some of these features, but apparently has "no plans" for simplifying MPEG2 creation.

That said, here is my wish list . . .

DVD X-Show Wish List
1. Choose file output directories!!!
2. Output multiple slide shows to DVD with menu
3. Multiple Audio Files, with edits, fades
4. Narration
5. Captions
6. Title Slides
7. Keyboard Shortcuts, extensive!
8. Global and/or Multiple pictures changes, especially hot box timing & Frame for Aspect Ratio
9. Picture enhancement - brightness, contrast, crop
10. Move and shrink 321 logo button to give more screen real estate

I have used the Microsoft product and sent it back, since it only creates MS Media files, with no ability to get the material onto DVD and no MPEG2 creation (and allows only one slide show on a VCD). The pan and zoom also have less flexibility than in DVD X Show. There are other products on the market which are competitively priced and may have more features, but there I am aware of no single program which does pan and zoom AND MPEG2 creation (or DVD authoring). I am currently betting on 321 Studios to be the first to get it right - we'll see.
Get AnyDVD HD and copy any DVD or Blu-ray disc with ease!
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