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Add text and back to back play of slideshows

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20 Dec 2003 2:08 AM
Adding test is a simple as opening the picture in paint or another edit program. Add the text and save as jpeg then add into X show. When saving your slideshow save as image on hard drive. Open 321 content and find the media folder. Copy folder and paste in a file of your choosing. Do this with each slideshow you create. (re-name after each copy and paste) When all you slideshows are created use a dvd authoring program like "my DVD" and add all the M2v files from your previously copy and pasted media files. Your DVD will write all the slideshows to DVD and play them from the menu or back to back. I sure that 321 will eventually update X show to do this within its own program, until then the other method work well.
Get AnyDVD HD and copy any DVD or Blu-ray disc with ease!
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