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Selecting titles within a titleset

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22 Oct 2003 10:48 AM
I just looked at the titlesets for Rebel Without a cause. It has two titlesets. Each of them have titles within the titeset.

The first one has 35 chapters in the first title set and one chapter in each of four other titles. The first title is the movie. The next four are previews. Is it technically possible to develop a way to just select the first title (the movie) and not the other four?

Also, when I look at the files with Windows explorer, I see five VOB files that are exactly the same size - 1,408,574. The are named VTS_01_01.VOB through ..._04.VOB and VTS_02_01.VOB.

Because they are all the same size, it suggests to me that they duplicate the same material and the movie takes up 1,408,574 of space. Or is that just the amount of space allotted on the disk?


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