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13 Oct 2003 6:33 PM
I got this lame ass program and whenever I tried to put some of my personal tv-ripped shows to make a dvd they play back all chopped up. Then I read that this is just a rip from dazzle?

Does 321 make ANY original software?

How do I get a refund?
Senior Member

13 Oct 2003 10:11 PM

Why don't you post your system specs. It's possible that you need more RAM or you have another hardware issue. Are you using the program's video capture wizard or did you use another program's video capture feature. Did you save the video as MPEG2 or DVD standard NTSC?

Have you called tech support?

I have been very pleased with the fact that my videos look just as good as the tape I extracted them from. I am slowly but surely transferring all of my home movies to DVD with no choppiness.

14 Oct 2003 12:10 AM
Should I save the movie as a mpg2 or dvd ntsc?

If so how do I do it?

As far as specs...

My computer can handle it. I can run apps and games with much higher requirements with no problem. Programs like Premire 7.0.

No I have not called tech support.
Senior Member

14 Oct 2003 1:01 AM
Here's the deal. I cannot get the video capture function of XMaker to work on my computer, so I use my PVR software that came with my tv tuner card to capture the video.

What works best for me is to capture in MPEG2 format. I import the video file into XMaker, and XMaker reincodes the file to NTSC format.

When I captured in NTSC and then imported to XMaker, the video quality was not as clear. You would think that NTSC would produce a clearer picture than MPEG2 with reincoding, go figure.

If the video capture function of XMaker works for you, it automatically encodes to NTSC format. But if this is producing a chopped up image, try capturing the video with a separate program and importing the files like I do. This may help you get a quality picture.

Keep this in mind as well: 321 is constantly upgrading and improving their software. The product you have now will change often, and you will be able to update with the changes. They always take customer suggestions into account when making changes. That is why it is good to contact Support by phone. This forum is not run by 321 studios. Employees do visit the forum regularly, but direct contact with the company will produce more desired results..
Get AnyDVD HD and copy any DVD or Blu-ray disc with ease!
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