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Platinum Won't Copy Uncompressed

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9 Oct 2003 10:43 PM
I have Platinum 3.1.1 used in conjuction with an external Sony DRU-500A USB-2 DVD burner and XP (SP1). I can back up DVD's (DVD-R)that don't exceed the capacity of one disk uncompressed, but whenever I try to back up a DVD that is larger and try to use the uncompressed option in advanced mode so that I use two disks, it makes a mirror image of the original DVD and requests insertion of a blank but then can't recognize title sets, etc. when it starts to attempt to burn the copy. It happens immediately such that there is no writing attempted on the blank DVD. It will copy the same DVD in compressed mode with no problem. What is going on? ANy ideas how to fix this?

Get AnyDVD HD and copy any DVD or Blu-ray disc with ease!
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