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SG-1 Backup Misery

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6 Oct 2003 4:14 PM
Recently bought DVDXCOPY PLAT v3.1.

I have the entire 6 series of SG-1 (R2), like many wish to protect our investment. However when I open and run DVDXCOPY, choose advanced select everything, then goto compression ready to read a disc the computer throws up the error (ErrorIfo), either that or choose SIMPLE then select entire disc, the programme bombs out (crashes).

has there been either A TDF file released for the entire SG-1 collection, if not is 321 studio looking into resolving these issues?? I have read that they are looking into certain issues raised from multi-episode discs (but is that just for R1?).

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6 Oct 2003 9:28 PM
I have hads no problem backing up SG-1 seasons 1,2,3 and now working on 4. This is with PLATINUM 3.1 (including SIMPLE mode) and have also used DVDXCOPY 1.5+. Of course this is NTSC in the USA. How do you have the disks for 5 and 6 since they only released 4 here back at the start of October?

7 Oct 2003 4:55 AM
Seasons 1-6 have been availible on R2 for a while now. Season.1 is a boxed set while seasons 2-6 had to be bought a disc at a time as they were released.

Glad to hear though you managed to backup R1 without a problem.

I don`t want to spend a fortune replacing the discs I have.Your talking about $700 plus for the collection that I have.
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