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New Sony DVDs Not Working In Some Players

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15 Apr 2007 10:40 PM
New Sony DVDs Not Working In Some Players

Posted by kdawson on Sunday April 15, @05:33PM
from the DRMed-out dept.
Sony Media Movies Entertainment
An anonymous reader writes "It seems that the most recent DVDs released by Sony — specifically Stranger Than Fiction, Casino Royale, and The Pursuit of Happyness — have some kind of 'feature' that makes them unplayable on many DVD players. This doesn't appear to be covered by the major media yet, but this link to a discussion over at Amazon gives a flavor of the problems people are experiencing. A blogger called Sony and was told the problem is with the new copy protection scheme, and they do not intend to fix it. Sony says it's up to the manufacturers to update their hardware."

Sony Pictures DVD’s have a new a copy protection that makes the movies unplayable on some Sony (& other makes) DVD players!
Posted March 19th, 2007 by Mick B
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YES ! It appears that Sony have done it again. In their zeal to make their DVD movies copyproof (yeah right) they have in fact made their latest releases unplayable on some DVD players, including my Sony DVP-CX995V DVD player. I recently rented “Stranger than Fiction” (2 copies) and “The Holiday” ( please no comments on my choice of movies) both by Sony Pictures. Both load up to the splash title screen and then load no further, then after about 60 secs the player turns itself off!

ALL my other DVD’s and new releases from other movie companies play perfectly

I called Sony Electronics help line and they said to call Sony Pictures 1-800-860-2878 which I did.

The following is a compression of our discussion:

Sony Tech: We know about this problem. Its our new copy protection that’s making these discs unplayable in some players including our own, we do not intend to change the copy protection. The only correction to this problem is a firmware update to your player. The electronics division know about this and should have given you this information.

Me: OK send me the firmware update.

Sony Tech: We do not have one as yet.

Me: OK (a bit frustrated) when will it be available?

Sony Tech: It could be 2 weeks it could be a month, we don’t know.

He then took my phone number and said ”they” would let me know when the firmware update is available, but declined to take my address saying that they would get that when the update was available.

I will say that I got a live person on both support lines within 30 secs.

Here are my questions to Sony:

After spending $350 on a Sony DVD player 3 months ago am I now supposed to avoid Sony Pictures products?

You are still advertising the Sony DVP-CX995V prominently on the Sony USA website but I notice there is no disclaimer that it may not play some new Sony Pictures DVD’s.

Would it not be a good idea to test changes you intend to make on your DVD’s at least on your own equipment so that if you find a problem you could have the firmware update available instead of not only inconveniencing, but alienating your own customers.

I believe this problem is happening on other manufacturers devices, are they working feverishly on firmware updates to accommodate you?

Well thats my rant (yeah I feel a bit better now)


Quote:BookWorm says:
I have had this player for almost 3 months now and this is the first time something like this has occurred I was playing Stranger than fiction and the Disc jacket picture stays on the screen for a while while the player reads the disc or tries to and then the unit powers off automatically i have tried it on two different slots same thing .. i then put the dvd into my JVC and it played fine.
any suggestion on why this is happening is it because of the unit or is it just a fluke and i shouldn't worry ?

please help I am under warranty now would rather deal with problems now rather than later.

Quote:Doug Morrison says:
I have the same issue. Same movie, same player. I have netflix'd this movie twice thinking that it may be a bad disc, but both did exactly the same thing you describe.

I guess I cant watch it.

Quote:Doug Morrison says:
I got a response from Sony - its a known problem with the new sony pictures copy protection scheme. The unit can be mailed in to Texas for service to make it compatible. Ill pass on that for now and wait and see if other movies become an issue (or stop watching sony movies)...

Quote:Brendan Burgess says:
Same problem as BookWorm but different player. I have tried 3 different copies of the mpvie Stranger than fiction (from the same video store) and not one would get past the selection menue on my PC or my new Philips dvd player. Ive only had a problem like this once before with the movie Layer Cake. I looked it up and its a Sony Pictures movie too. So maybe this is a problem with the actual DVDs and not the players? Or maybe Sony and Philips DVD players are having the same problems.

Quote:Geddis says:
I was so happy to see this problem was shared by others with this particular movie!! I, too, thought it was the player, because I was able to play the movie on my toshiba tv with dvd player. It would seem unlikely that is is the player because I have 250 movies in it and this is the ONLY one that was a problem.

Quote:Cory A. Badley says:
I have the same problem with "The Holiday" and "Casino Royale" as well. Three movies I have paid for that will not play on my DVD player. All Sony. Pathetic.


People are discovering that when you buy any product that is subject to "activation", you haven't really bought anything.

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