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Manipulating Titlesets

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21 Jul 2003 11:26 AM
At the risk of hearing wait for Platinum, I'll make my suggestion. Until Platinum is available, can't 321 revise XCopy now to allow the ordering of titlesets as a user needs. As it is now, a user can not manipulate the order of titlesets. By allowing the user to do this would clear up a lot of episodic backup problems.

Example: In backing up the "Poirot" mystery series, there are 3 episodes on each disc. Each episode is only a bit over 2 gigs and some are just under 2 gigs. Upon launching, XCopy notifies the user that everything can fit on 1 disc if special features are eliminated. If you choose to backup the entire disk, XCopy automatically removes the 2nd & 3rd episodes and splits the 1st episode (or largest titleset) onto 2 discs. If you choose to eliminate the special features, XCopy places the largest titleset (1 episode) on disc one, named "titleset 1" and places the 2nd episode, named "titleset 2" on disc 2. XCopy eliminates the titleset for the 3rd episode which is named "title set 4." Now, the extra features are named "title set 3." XCopy will not allow you to remove titleset 3 and replace it with titleset 4.

In the event that combining 2 episodes is larger than disc size, by being able to maipulate the titlesets would allow a user to copy 2 episoes on 2 discs, then re-launch XCopy and remove a previously backed up titlesset with the one remaining one.

Can this be done now?
10Q, spacedout :>)
Get AnyDVD HD and copy any DVD or Blu-ray disc with ease!
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