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from xpress to x copy?

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4 Jul 2003 9:35 AM
i'm new to xpress and was wondering if there is any reason i should upgrade to x copy???

4 Jul 2003 9:44 AM
I'll repost what I've posted before:

Most commercially produced DVD's consist of dual layers of video and audio data and the total size of those DVD's are generally between 6 gig and 9 gig.
Express compresses, if needed, only the movie to somewhere around 4.4 gig so it can be burned onto recordable media, which is only 4.7 gig. At the current time there is no dual layer writeable media available.
The DVDXCopy program, which doesn't compress, reads the entire commercially produced DVD and usually has to spread it out over two recordable DVD's, because it cannot fit all that info into 4.7 gig.
DVDXCopy will either:
1. Tell you that all the contents of the original DVD will all fit on one disk.
2. Tell you that if the extra's (trailers, previews, directors commentaries, and in the case of both widescreen and full screen versions - it will allow you to pick one or the other) are left off the disk, it will fit on one disk. If you choose to leave out the extra's, the movie and of course the menu will be on disk one. The extra's will all be on disk 2.
3. Simply indicate that it will require 2 disks.

Most video enthusiasts do not like the video compressed because of sometimes noticeable video artifacts. They tend to use DVDXCopy because it doesn't compress the movie and they get the original menu and all the extra's.

Some people don't care, because they can't see any noticeable difference, and just want the movie. They choose Express.

Sorry about being a little long winded here, but I'm attempting to have you answer your own question about it being worth it.

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4 Jul 2003 9:57 AM
Great answer.

One thing to consider is what size TV screen do you have, and if it is HD or not. Larger screens and HDTVs make the compression much more noticeable than smaller (under 27-30 inch) conventional sets.

On a larger screen, or an HDTV, or if you want all the extras, or if you do episodics, or like having more than one soundtrack, or notice the picture degradation, buy DVDXCopy.
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Get AnyDVD HD and copy any DVD or Blu-ray disc with ease!
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