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Gone in 60 Seconds (TDF made by RoeDa)

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Posted Message

3 Jul 2003 3:44 PM
Movie Name: Gone in 60 seconds
TDF Author: Roeda
Region 2 Belgium
All audio
All subtitles
Fixes no French subtitles

Video Titleset:
Title 1: (Chapters: 33) (Angles: 1) (VTS_01_x.xxx) (ttn: 1)

Audio Tracks:
Audio 1: English (Dolby AC-3 6ch 48Kbps DRC )
Audio 2: Franšais (Dolby AC-3 6ch 48Kbps DRC )
Audio 3: Nederlands (Dolby AC-3 6ch 48Kbps DRC )

Subtitle Tracks:
SubPicture 1: English (2-bit rle ) (ID: 0x21,0x20)
SubPicture 2: Franšais (2-bit rle ) (ID: 0x23,0x22)
SubPicture 3: Bulgarian (2-bit rle ) (ID: 0x25,0x24)
SubPicture 4: Polish (2-bit rle ) (ID: 0x27,0x26)
SubPicture 5: Nederlands (2-bit rle ) (ID: 0x29,0x28)
SubPicture 6: Franšais (2-bit rle ) (ID: 0x2b,0x2a)

Paste this link into a browser window in order to download the TDF File:
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