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Senior Member

29 Jun 2003 11:42 AM
if i use mostly +r discs and am thinking of switching to +rw and i want to know my cost needs/benefits i just cant get a formula
lets use todays costs at 1.30 for the tdk +r
and the leda +rw for 1.80 ( .50 dif) if i NEVER make a coaster i obviusly save .50 each burn. each coaster will decrease my savings ie if i make 3 goods i saved 1.50
if my fourth burn is a coaster i take back the 1.50 i just saved at this point it seeems if i can go at least every 4 discs as a good burn and every fith as a bad i am even right? lol any way at todays prices
what must my error ratio be in order for me to justify moving to ALL +RW instead of +R

also am i more likely to have a future dvd player reject a +r or +rw if at all ?

should i get the +rw ledas made so popular by ONEACER? or stick to my current hunt and pick method of finding +r at .50-1.50

(maybe the rag tags can make a working model of this problem with empty "stuff" bottles
and work it like an abacus) THANKS AGAIN

29 Jun 2003 12:16 PM
Doesn't take a math genius to figure this one out, just an old cheapskate like me. Why not keep a few +RWs and use the +RWs to try some of the more difficult movies with. Otherwise just use the +Rs for normal duplicating. Such as, if you have problems with Disney movies (like several people do), try them on +RWs first, then burn to +Rs. You can reuse the RWs later.
Rag Tag-1
Senior Member

29 Jun 2003 12:36 PM
that is my current program here glass. i have a dozen rw and out of that i choose to keep 2 episodals on them as it took all day for thoose to copy well i did not want to redo it. i have 10 left for "playing/testing" and just got 100
TDK +r 4x for 1.30 ea. however i may return them due to the fact that they are 4x and i want 2.4 max for video i just dont know yet .
Get AnyDVD HD and copy any DVD or Blu-ray disc with ease!
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