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A Guy Thing-Disc 1 menu problem

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29 Jun 2003 12:11 AM
I have tried every combination possible to back up this movie on 2 discs and everytime I get the same result. Disc 1 has no menu, but Disc 2 does. When I get the prompt that informs me that the movie will fit onto 1 Dvd if I omit the special features, I choose no--disc 1 start normal, disc 2 start with movie keep menu(I have also tried start with menu on disc 1) and every time no menu on disc 1, Disc 1 contains chapters 1-30 and disc 2 contains chapters 31-32 plus all special features( I have also tried changing the chapter split and that does nothing also). Am I missing something obvious? are there certain movies that this happens to on a regular basis? It is not really a big deal if this is the only way I can back up this title, but it is really driving me crazy trying to figure out why the menu shows up on the 2nd disc but not the first
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30 Jun 2003 12:49 AM
Sometimes (actually rarely, but it does happen, it is also rare for the menu to be on a titleset, but I have seen it happen) the menu is on a titleset that DXC only puts one one disk. Your job will be to try and figure out which one it is and then make sure that titleset gets on both discs.

You'll have to burn one disc with the titleset then cancel the rest of the burn. Re-open DXC and put that titleset on the second disc, then in advanced options select "Skip directly to disc two".

30 Jun 2003 12:48 PM
I tried it again by leaving the entire movie on 1 disc and then burning the second disc with only the special features and both discs had the menu then----thanks for the help

2 Jul 2003 3:48 AM
I backed up the same movie and got an error when trying to play it on a set-top. But what I figured out is, as disc one is loading, press stop, then press the menu button on your remote, and it will bring you to the menu. It seems there is some navigation problem, but the disc will play fine with this method.
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