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subtitles on disk 2 ?????

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29 Jun 2003 12:04 AM
I have just copied the film deathwatch and although it said i could fit it on one disk without extras when i went to burn it said i needed 2 disks even without the extras but the other problem is english subtitles appear on the second disk i know i can turn them off but how can i stop it from burning that way ???

thanks for your help
Senior Member

2 Jul 2003 5:20 AM
It's not DXC causing the subtitles; it just copies everything on the original to the backup (unless you click "Yes" to the omit the special features & the menu when given that option dialog box); it's the fact that your dvd player is choosing subtitles by default. Either don't try to burn it on one disk (so you HAVE a menu to de-select subtitles) or just use the subtitle button on you player's remote to turn off the subtitles.

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