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no target drive

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22 Jun 2003 4:53 PM
after the read...no target drive shows up.
the list is blank

22 Jun 2003 5:56 PM
You've already posted in the Express section. These problems you're having are best kept in one thread. So, it's your choice. keep it here or keep it there. Which one?

PIV 2.8G, 1 Gig Rambus Memory, XP SP1
400 Gig HD Storage
Sony DRU 500AX, Liteon LTD166

22 Jun 2003 10:31 PM
since express quit working. i tried dvd x copy.
these are TWO DIFFERENT PROBLEMS and are posted in the correct place... express gives me a title set error and x copy doesn't show a target drive.... read the threads next time before you you get in my case. next time give advice instead of whinning about posting on two threads.
Senior Member

22 Jun 2003 10:39 PM

I think you had better change your attitude if you want anyone around here to help you. Conrad wasn't whining or getting on your case, he was simply trying to direct traffic, which is a very difficult job around here.

So you would like some advice, well I've got some. Lighten the f*** up. The next time I see you demand advice from someone on this forum again I will remove your post without so much as a second thought.

If you are serious about getting help remember that you can catch more flies with honey...

Also, you have told us squat about your system, so what do you want us to do? Should we hire a frickin' psychic to do a reading and tell us about your settup? Maybe if I close my eyes and wish real hard your system specs will magically appear on my screen and give me something to work with.

Get real!!

23 Jun 2003 10:27 AM
There's a probabilty that these two problems are related. I was not whining about posting in two threads, I was suggesting that you don't and left the choice up to you. You're having problems using 321's software and it has something to do with it's integration in your system. Just because you were asked to post your system specs in one thread under a completely different section doesn't mean that someone else trying to help you in yet another thread under yet another completely different section see's it. We are actually trying our best to help - try and make it a little easier for us to do so.
As far as dengars response, my reaction is ditto.
Please read his post carefully.


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23 Jun 2003 11:23 AM
how 'bout a group hug...

dell dim 4500
xp home
256 ram
80 gig hd
1.80 mhz
sony dvd DRX500ULX External USB
Get AnyDVD HD and copy any DVD or Blu-ray disc with ease!
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