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DVD+RW works +R not?!

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20 Jun 2003 3:13 PM

I started a thread earlier but coulnd't find any solution..

I have a Yamaha S520 DVD-player and hp 200i dvd-writer. All my backups are working fine on my pc and xbox but not on my Yamaha.

I made a lot of tests with a lot of burned medias..:(

1)...When making a backup of a dvd without a neccessary splitting (older ones without extras etc..) it works on my Yamaha and a DVD+R.

2)...When I have to make a split, (HP2 or Monster Inc. p.e.) one DVD works and another one not on my Yahama..

3)...When I using in case 2) DVD+RW, they are working both with my Yamaha.

And please no things about my Yamaha Player..:) I don't buy that, when backups with +RW are working and +R when there is no splitting.

btw, I copied the +RW with NERO then to +R and it works with my Yamaha..



20 Jun 2003 6:17 PM

Your Yamaha S520 is rated to play both +R/+RW media, without any compatibility bitrate settings changed on your Hp200. Changing the brand of media may help. You have picked a pretty tough cookie to copy with, Monsters Inc. Did you say disk 2 plays, but not disk 1? Monsters Inc, can be copied to one disc by leaving out the extra stuff. However you will get a 4x3 standard version, not a true full screen (formatted to fit your screen), or 16x9 wide-screen version.

The information I have provided you about your Yamaha, and other DVD players can be found at DVDplusRW.org

Please remember one more thing, Some movies may not be on disk one, you can skip disk one and burn disc two, your movie is located on disk two.

Good Luck,
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21 Jun 2003 1:31 PM

how can I copy that on one disk?! I'm using PAL-Versions here and I had no chance to get this on one disc but the problem isn't that movie at all. It's all movies who are greater than 4.7gb..
And a change of media isn't necessary, because the media works when I have a movie (Last BoyScout, Kevin Alone at Home), which fits on a 4.7gb.
But it doesn't work when I have to split a dvd...

Get AnyDVD HD and copy any DVD or Blu-ray disc with ease!
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