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Faild to backup some Disney's DVDs

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15 Jun 2003 2:59 PM
Hi all,
I am successfully using DXC v.1.5.2 with Sony DRX-500ULX (USB 2, external) and about 40 backup copies of different DVDs have been made. But now I experience the problem with the following Disney's disks:
- "Beauty and the Beast" Platinum Edition
- "Mickey Mouse in Living Color" Walt Disney Treasures
- "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs".
DXC starts, prepares and burns the first disk in right way. After preparing and prompting to insert the second blank disk I can see in the "Burn status" window messages like this:
"Successfully loaded as: VTS_01_4.VOB at sector 1633964"
"Generator module closed."
After that the process is stoped and the small window is appeared. The header of the window is "321Studios DVDXCopy: Burn failed!" and the message is "The operation completed successfully."
I have tried to split the original disk at different chapters, to skip the first disk, to write to different DVD-media (DVD+R,DVD-R, DVD+RW) - the result is the same.

17 Jun 2003 9:53 AM
Although Disney movies tend to be harder to backup, they can be done. I have backed up the Beauty & the Beast & Snow White movies.

If I remember, I had to change the split point for Beauty & the Beast to be chapter 13, otherwise it tried to write too much to disc 1.

Are you using Gear ? If Nero, what version ?.

What is the split point information ?.

Not sure if you have , or tried, Xpress. I was able to backup both w the 2.5 version.

20 Jun 2003 10:43 AM
Hi mwillett,
I'm using Gear. I've tried Xpress unsuccessfully. Xpress window has been suddenly closed after 1-st step (copying) and that's all. I have overcame this problem by spliting "Beauty and the Beast" at chapter 16. In this way it leaves the minimum (1,87 Gb) for disk 2. Actually I'm afraid DXC does not show the right size for this DVD, becourse finally I have two disks with more than 4 Gb each.

20 Jun 2003 1:06 PM
This disk, like many others, does not show the correct sizes in DVDxCOPY.

The backup should be fine if you use the chapter 16 split point.

Go ahead & try it with a RW to be safe though.

I think the failure message you were seeing with DVDxCOPY has to due with it incorrectly splitting the disc. Therefore the burn fails when it trys to put too much to a disk. You can verify that by looking at the temp files size it is trying to write.

Not sure why Xpress doesn't work though. I backed up Snow White & Beauty & the Beast with 2.5.0 w no problems.

21 Jun 2003 9:48 AM
Thank you very much for useful hints.
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