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How to activate my RF ver. of express

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31 Jul 2006 10:31 AM
Hi, JO here. I was woundering how to activate
my updated ver of dvdxcopy express rf. I have Plat and original xpress activated, but the rf verison will not allow me to use my
license ID. I want to be able to work from my hard drive and the rf lets you do that. I really not sure why I need to activate this in the firt place.. My origanal ver's or Plat and express are fine (well you know what I mean) I was under the impression when you update a program from origanal to updated ver xx. Apply the update and there u go.. Can some point me in the right direction.. I have found a patch that changes this from rf to non rf verison, but that is not my goal..

thanks jo
AfterDawn Addict

31 Jul 2006 1:48 PM
closed for double posting..
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