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Xpress and HP 200j Burner

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29 May 2003 7:09 AM
Hey I have an HP 754n with 512K 80 G HD, and 200j DVD Burner. I turn all background programs off and burn. 50% of the time the burn turns out to be choppy and screwy sound. Is this normal? I have found that turning the drive to PIO mode fixes it, but it really slows down the process. I have updated all firmware and drivers. Using Verbatim +RW disks. I have copied home video and never had the problem, so I think it is something with Xpress. Help please.
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29 May 2003 7:24 AM
What kind of processor is in the HP,Are you connected to the outside via cable or DSL?If so try disconnect when making back-up.Do a Ctrl-Alt-Del anything else running that may have been missed, also Process Tab.I doubt it is Express as you say 50% are good.Also msconfig you can disable programs that will start at boot.Many you do not need except Anti-Virus and Firewall program if loaded on P.C Some programs have auto-updates to them and will attempt to look for updates for that program with out you even knowing it.

Windows XP Home SP1
Abit KG-7
AMD Athlon 1600+
HP 200i (1.51)
Antec 400w P/S
512meg DDR 2100
Samsung DVD-S221 player
DXC 1.5.2
Express 2.0.1

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29 May 2003 7:45 PM
puffdaddy - are you saying the sound is choppy or are you referring to the video, along with the screwy sound? Which OS are you using and do you know if your video and audio are integrated?

30 May 2003 7:13 AM
Sound and video are choppy. I have a Intel P4 2.53 processor. Which I know is plenty powerful enough. Should I shut down anything that is not listed as "SYSTEM" in task magr.? I am thinking about reformatting and clean install of XP to get rid of all of this useless HP crap anyways. Should I install in a certain order to help XPRESS.
Senior Member

30 May 2003 7:29 AM
do you have this problem when viewed on P.C? You can try this and see if it helps if loaded:


Then set back to DMA and try,if it does not help you can reinstall it,there is other info here about it :


Some people have had problems wit it and some have not

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30 May 2003 9:26 AM
puffdaddy - which OS are you using? Also, did your HP come with the actual software disks, or did HP place everything on a separate partition?
Note: I use a P4 2.4 and have no problems,so therefore, as you surmised, your 2.53 is plenty fast enough. Additionally, though I use 1.5.2 I honestly believe 1.4.1 was the best release.

31 May 2003 9:23 AM
No I don't have the Intel thing loaded on my PC. HP setup another partition on my PC, no disks (BTW< I hate that crap, you pay for the software and don't get it). I have a full version of XP Pro, that I will probably install. Any other suggestions?
Senior Member

31 May 2003 9:31 AM
You are about to do the best suggestion I could make for you to do. I also use an hp for my dvd stuff. I first use fdisk to get rid of the hidden partition hp puts on it for full factory restore. Then I installed xp pro and all my mess we will not go into what it all is. You will notice a great difference in the system after you do this. You don't got to do the fdisk thing I did especially if you think you may at some point want to do the full restore to all the hp mess that comes on it as the hidden partition will be needed to do that. I just don't like the fact that there is about 10 gig in it that I would never need and wanted the space it takes up.
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31 May 2003 11:31 AM
puffdaddy - what whompus recommended took the words right out of my mouth. Though most of what I sell are custom builds I used to keep an extra shelf of HP's for customer's whose needs weren't that great. However, when HP stop providing the actual software disks, I flushed them.
After you blow out the partition with FDISK you might consider creating a new partition to be used exclusively for DXC. My personal preference is a second hard drive, but a partition should work nicely.
As a side note: I hope you have the XP version that has SP1 bundled with it. If not, see if one of your buds has it, use his or hers with your product key and you'll be fine.
Oh, you know to use NTFS, right?
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