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p2pnet.net/,....good read,.....p2pnet talks to Michael Weiss

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27 Jun 2006 5:00 PM
p2pnet talks to Michael Weiss

p2p news feature / p2pnet: "We’re not in the DRM business," StreamCast Networks ceo Michael Weiss told p2pnet's Sally Hawkins in a Q&A.

"If a user encounters a DRM file, that user is obligated to follow the rules of that file. But at the end of the day, DRM may be counterproductive to content owners - it may protect downloads, but it stifles innovation and consumer adoption."

Countering wrong perceptions and misinformation with actual facts ..........

Hawkins: I read somewhere recently that the civil jury trial against Morpheus has commenced in the District Court (may have just been a procedural issue – not sure)? Is this correct? If yes, how has it been going, how much longer are arguments expected to take? And when do you think there will be a result? If no, when is it due to commence and what arguments will you be making?

How important is it to the wider technology industry that the inducement bar is set high? Is it possible that if you lose you could be forced to pay damages but not necessarily be closed?

Weiss: Basically, the Supreme Court sent the case back to the trial court. The court can now do a few things including consider motions for summary judgment now or after additional discovery is conducted, or deny the motions for summary judgment that have been filed and set discovery cut-off dates and a trial date, with the Court or a jury then having the responsibility of looking at all of the material evidence , determining things like whether the entertainment companies misused its copyright, what the defendant’s intended, and whether the acts and intentions of the defendants were so egregious as to have risen to the level of having induced others to commit copyright infringement. The next court date is currently scheduled for the middle of July on the latest round of motions for summary judgment brought by the plaintiffs. There’s an update on the current litigation on the StreamCast web site.

Hawkins: I saw recently that you spoke at the Distributed Computing Industry Associations P2P Summit – Morpheus has not in the past been associated with this group – why did you speak and what did you have to say?

Weiss: The DCIA in many ways advocates some of the same reasonable changes in policy and law many of the rest of us want to see happen. I find it best to move on to issues in front of us to achieve common goals. While StreamCast Networks is not a member of the DCIA, I was happy to accept an invitation to speak at the media summit. Morpheus is a leader in this space so I always welcome an opportunity to discuss vital issues affecting our industry. It was good to speak in front of an audience of ‘peers’ that are as receptive to my messaging as was the case with DCIA.

Hawkins: If you could have your ultimate piece of legislation passed, what would it be? Has P2P United expired given the loss of two members?

Weiss: P2PUnited did a tremendous service in promoting the advancement of technology And although P2P United is currently inactive, there are brilliant minds at organizations like Public Knowledge, the Home Recording Rights Coalition, Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), the Center for Democracy and Technology, Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) and others, including the CATO institute, who are well equipped to advance policy issues, lobby and work to advance or modify legislation that protects the public’s privacy and personal rights as well as balance the objectives of the U.S. Constitution. They’ve recently worked hard to stop or modify harmful provisions of nearly every major legislative initiative that would give large media companies even more control over information and technology at the expense of individual’s rights.

go here to read it all
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