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I have down the *Ticket* submission and am getting no where!!!

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13 Jun 2006 5:51 PM

Can someone out there help me? I bought DVD X Copy XPRESS vers. 2.5.0 in 2003 and now finally want to use it. [Sorry it took so long, didn't have a DVD reader/writer until now]. Using my License ID and PW it kept telling me the server was down. So I created the *Ticket* thingy to get support and am getting the run around saying the activation server is down. OK, so, for how long??? [It's been 7 days] And I have tried to *activate* the software and NOW get the *Alotted number of activations has been used for this software* message. The phone # activation doesn't work because the phone # belongs to someone else. It asks for a PW too. Well, can I get the PW from someone? I know this message has been posted in various ways with various similar info BUT . ! . . .

Can you help me? Is there someone through an 800# I can talk to instead of going through the *Ticket* thing? It would expedite the process. And I get no answers from the ticket submissions. They are NOT helpful at all. Not answering any of my questions just telling me the activation server is down. All the links I have seen for the ticket submissions and other support I have tried but to no avail! I'm getting no where. I need a telephone number, that would expedite this situation!

AfterDawn Addict

13 Jun 2006 8:35 PM
321 studios is closed for 3-years..and there are no more license and passwords given out..
as the product is dead..

there is no 800 number to where international is located.South Korean

11 Jul 2006 1:21 AM
I'm in the same boat. Almost identical story, bought the software 2+ years ago, no DVD burner until now. I submitted a ticket June 30, and have been getting the message about the server being down, check back in 24-48 hours. I've been checking every 3-5 days, and the same response.

I had never registered the software. First time opening it was the day I bought my DVD burner.

I scanned EVERYTHING and sent it to them, receipt, original box, license number, etc.

I understand that 321 is no longer. But is the "international" side just stalling so that I'm forced to buy their new product?

AfterDawn Addict

11 Jul 2006 9:30 AM
quote maprat
I had never registered the software.

the key to the whole problem is your quote.you can send in tickets to international till you are blue in the face.they will not activate it.as ye software was not registered when 321 studios was alive.DVD X Copy International is not the former 321 Studios and they owe you nothing.

11 Jul 2006 3:44 PM
Hey Beth,

Don't worry, it WILL take time BUT they will respond and give you the activation key. It took 5 days for me to get my act. key. Here is the last message I got from them [Alice] 5 days later:

06/13 21:49 You should have 3 activations now. Please go online and try to activate again.

We will be providing support from our international offices as long as it is needed.

Although DVD X Copy software has held the top position in copy software for the last 3 years, it can no longer keep up with the latest technology. As you know, 321 is no longer in business, so there will be no more upgrades.

We have been anticipating this situation, and have been working on our new software. We have taken all the suggestions from the people we have been supporting, and have come up with a completely new software program. We have designed our new software so that it can be upgraded to keep up with the latest technology.

Since you are a former DVD X Copy customer, you can get it for half price.

Go here to see the new software.

Click here

Best regards,

Yea, ya have to be patient. Tis a bummer!


12 Jul 2006 6:53 PM
Thank you Ireland and Ellen for your reply. Albeit opposite answers. What's a girl to think? :-)

I realize that "international" owes me nothing,ireland,and it seems that my chances of activation may be better if I had originally purchased it from them. But the rest of the entries in this forum leads one to believe that regardless of where you purchased the software originally, "international" would assist you with an activation code/password after providing the proper documentation. I did not buy this software second hand, it's not pirated, etc. I feel that this should give me a leg up to the rest of the people who may have procured their software in a less favorable manner (not judging anyone who has done this). Am I wrong in this assumption ireland?

The final thing that might blow me out of the water completely...since I don't know the exact process of finally getting activated, does the computer that the software is loaded on have to be connected to the internet to be activated? Or is it just a matter of getting a special code to type in? My PC is not online, I use my laptop for my online activities.

Has anyone used the software that "international" is advertising, and if so, how does it compare?

Thank you again Ellen. I hope that I will eventually have the same luck and results as you. Had you registered your software while 321 was still alive?

AfterDawn Addict

12 Jul 2006 7:40 PM

i am going to give you some good advive,the software your are trying to activate is way to old to do any of the last 2-years movies..
this software has seen its days..

go here and post for the free riping software and for the very good paid for software..


13 Jul 2006 5:15 PM
Hey, thanks for the tip ireland. I will check it out. I'm still holding on to some hope that I can attempt to use my $130 investment for SOMETHING! And then if it doesn't seem to work very well, then cut my loss and move on.

Thanks for your responses,

14 Jul 2006 2:22 PM
Hey Beth,

1. YES, you do have to be connected to the Net to activate the software. SAHREE!!
2. I used the same *legacy* program you have and copied 5 recent movies that just came out this year. Copies are perfect!
3. I only paid $70 for the software and even got a $20 rebate back when I bought it in 2003. How come you paid $130?

Again, though be patient and be connected to the Net when you activate the software.

AfterDawn Addict

14 Jul 2006 3:33 PM

what program are you using? to copy 5 recent movies,name the movies...

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14 Jul 2006 3:49 PM
ireland ,

I'm using DVD X Copy Express, bought in 2003. The name of the movies are of my concern. They were made this year however.


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AfterDawn Addict

14 Jul 2006 4:00 PM
i do not believe you..as xpress can not copy the new copy protection that out,
the reason i know i test express with the new movies that are out.

as for your statement about arrest
i do not give a dam if you copy or not...

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14 Jul 2006 4:22 PM

Hey, chill pal, don't make this a stupid email *dueling* contest!
Don't know where you're from but here in the USA with DVD +R, using the software for the first time, I made copies of 5 movies I bought recently. Three of the movies were up for Academy awards this year, so they WERE recent. I've played all 5 copies and no problemO!!


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AfterDawn Addict

14 Jul 2006 4:37 PM
quote Bowzetto
made copies of 5 movies I rented from our local video rental place

your in valuation of rule 7,copying rented movies is illegal and its PIRACY I do advise you to move on..
You should know better you live in the states.

NO Posts about Hacks,Cracks,or Piracy will not be tolerated YOUR ACCOUNT WILL BE ((Deactivated))!!!!!!

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15 Jul 2006 12:07 AM
Yo Ireland,

You said,
"as for your statement about arrest
i do not give a dam if you copy or not...".
So, no more comments from me. You said YOU tried copying movies. So, why can't I. I copied the movies for my own personal use. I'm not selling anything.
Boy, you must LIVE on the Net, do you ever sleep? Be a good boy and give your fingers a rest and go out and get some exercise.

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Senior Member

18 Jul 2006 10:44 PM
ireland i totaly belive these people are using xcopy on new movies.
1) i am in contact with several people who still use this program on new movies

2) it has been posted on other boards of people still using xcopy

3) they may be using something in the background
(maybe something sly and foxy)

4) the best reason is beacuse i use it too!

for a few years i was shocked to see you all say it wont work anymore and watched in awe as mine still did everytime. everday i wondered if this was going to be my last xcopy. that day has not yet come. i onced asked 321qa(jeff) why i saw all the problems on this board and the 321live board when i was a moderator. i did the best i could in helping buy honstly never had any unsolvable problem (sure i had to update my patin couffin and reinstall a few times and even asked you to help get a few things in order THANKS)
jeff asked for a belarc report and told me that my machine was identical to a test machine they had at 321. he said that since 321 was tested on a machine just like mine it would explain why mine worked so well. also at your advice years ago i have still not taken service pack two due to all the drm crap in it. i have not switched my burner/swapped my mobo/replaced my proccesser/or over clocked my machine

i think the more you alter your machine the more you run a risk of messing up xcopy compatibility. i wonder if mine will still work after i need to fix something:(

while some of these people may need a new patin couffin engine or an aspi layer and things they are still capable of getting full use from the product.

here is a post i made to a guy i saw on another forum after i saw he was still using xcopy too
( i left the post intact even though i realized i mispelled accors instead of arcoss)
a prior post you say you still use 321 platinum.

so do i.
have you seen it crack accors from sony even though it isnt suposed to. i have every 321 product made. they all work perfect for me while others it just wont work at all. i actualy use plat rf (modified to make the ripper work) do you have any explination on why you and i can use this product so well while others have given up?

here is his reply ;

They get a single failure on a DVD and they just give up and claim it doesn't work.
I've had to run a rip up to 3 or 4 times before X Copy finally got it. Who's fault is that?

You wanna know the single best cure for a failure of DVD X Copy to rip a DVD?
Wash the damn disc with eyeglass cleaner and scrub it dry in the proper "center out" way then try it again.
The alcohol removes the fingerprints or other smudges that make DVD X Copy fail the first time and it works beautifully the second time - after a cleaning.

Last resort, I use SkipDr., a little rubber scrubbing wheel machine you crank and resurface the poly face with.

I have ripped and burned over 150 of them in the last month and not one single failure.
I did screw up one DVD burn twice though, accidentally opened 2 discs at the same time and closed the one that was burning - twice in a row.

accors doesn't faze DVD X Copy at all, it simply ignores it.


i only belive this guy beacuse it happens to me too.

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AfterDawn Addict

19 Jul 2006 1:02 AM
i and baldbear tested most movies with dvdxcopy v4038..and v4038 can not do the new movies...because of the new sony protection..even using the foxy...using dual rippers will cause a problem on some movies..
thats why i said i do not beleave him.

as you should know the only platinum's can do all the movies is platinum rf..40415 and v5.0.0.13 and has no 321 nag screen..which v5.0.0.13 can do dl disks.and they can rip and burn from the hard drive as v4038 can not.
dvdnextcopy can not do all the movies out,40415 and v5.0.0.13 can do all movies out in a heart beat.

who in there right mine would want the 321 nag screen on there movies...you must do as your are still using it..

Remember this software is not evolving since 321-Studios closed over 2 years ago..

There is new copy protection that’s out by Sony Corporation that 321 Products can not copy.
.called "Sony ARccOS protection" as found on "Resident Evil - Apocalypse" (US) or "Little Black Book"house of flying daggers and Forgotten. lords of dogtown
Settec ALPHA-DVD protection"
as found on "Old Boy -The Grudge, Hutch and many more titles.

and there is a new protection that just came out,7-13-06 for Sony Arccos protection, a new versions of the Puppetlock protection and Protection based on unreadable Sectors
which v4038 can not do..

Not evolving means no updates for 321-Studio Products for over 3-years..
XPRESS 321 AND PLATINUM 4038 AND DVDXCOPY 1.52 IS THE LAST UPDATE as it will not copy the New Sony Protection.


i been using other software since dec.2002
Senior Member

19 Jul 2006 1:30 AM
ireland we both know that you can delete the nag. you can even replace it with any bmp.

what movie has the new puppetlock i want to try it.

i did Little Black Book and others with "Sony ARccOS protection"

do you think this new puppet lock will stop the plat?

i still use the old versions with the nag deleted and or replaced with a custom bmp or a bmp of the movie cover jacket.
AfterDawn Addict

19 Jul 2006 2:11 AM
you must be real good as 1000's of people could not do those movies i posted...with v4038...even with the foxy..

as for the nag screen,they do not know how to remove it and replace it with a bmp...

as i moved them into v40415 with a ripper and all there movies were able to be coyped..even with today movies..

and this is the reason i do not tell them how..

This software is designed to protect your Fair Use and its function and operation is not to be changed.

Senior Member

19 Jul 2006 4:15 AM
and that is the reason i did not tell them how!

but i have a real question..since the product is nolonger owned by 321 and it is no longer being activated..who is it that would complain if we did alter the output... mr moore?
wasnt that rule made before he went out of service? do you know why it is still in use today? i do not have a problem with it and as you can see i did nost post such things but could you please tell me why we cant?

what would you like me to do about the other posts ive seen that do disscus alternate ways use the software?

also you could use 4038 to copy todays movies too. but since you using other software since 2002 i guess you are not interested
AfterDawn Addict

19 Jul 2006 2:47 PM
the only people that are interested in v4038 are the ones selling it with a crack !!!!!!!

i put the word out you can do all the movies with v4038..they all smiled..

i have up to today tested the newer movies with v4038..
as the program stands with out any help..
the program is junk,as it was never finished..
it was a rip off from day one.

the rules of the site will be followed to the letter..or i will ban who don't follow the rules....

ever hear of copyright ©
321 programs © are copyrighted..

The Berne Convention establishes a general and minimum period that lasts the life of the author and fifty years after his (or her) death. Cinematographic works and photographic works have a minimum period of protection of 50 and 25 years upon the date of creation, respectively. This applies to any country that has signed the Berne Convention, and these are just the minimum periods of protection. A member country is entitled to establish greater periods of protection, but never less than what has been established by the Berne Convention.

the bulls@it,i know about your visit...

quote: rhmoore 17 Nov 2002 6:18 PM

Absolutely Not! If they shut us down, a permanent activation code could be released to the net.
Robert H Moore

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Senior Member

19 Jul 2006 6:36 PM
thank you for your reply. copyright protects mr moore but mr moore is blocked by the federal goverment from participation in any 321 activites. so who would take action on those that violate the copyright?

is that why there are so many crack to it now ? beacuse its unenforcable?

i dont know so thats why im asking

13 Aug 2006 6:46 AM
I tried out 3 other dvd software programs in the past. And none of them compare to the picture quilty of DVD X Copy Express. The others are over compressed, while with DVD X Copy Express, you don't even notice any compression.
I bought this DVD X Copy Express program from Best Buy about 4 or 5 years ago. The built in CSS remover that came with DVD X Copy Express is very much out of date since 321 shut their doors. If I just use the DVD X Copy Express by its self, and no, I wouldn't be able to back up DVD movies in 2006 that's using Sony ARccOS protection. So now I use a stand alone CSS remover program that you run in the background when using DVD X Copy Express. So far I been 100% successful backing up any DVD movies I bought in 2005 and 2006.
Get AnyDVD HD and copy any DVD or Blu-ray disc with ease!
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