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Error 100 mssage

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Posted Message

27 Feb 2006 8:24 AM
Cannot reinstall express, contacted dvd international and they said can't help. Any suggestions
AfterDawn Addict

27 Feb 2006 10:14 AM
they have the final say when it comes to activations, they own the servers.

If you are experiencing an activation error 100, rejected by server,
or any other activation problem, and/or you canít log into your
account at http://secure.smarterimage.com/solo/customers/forgotpw.asp


it is beyond our control. Many
licenses were turned off when 321 Studios went out of business. If
your License ID has been deactivated, we cannot turn it back on. We
do not have the capability to fix or turn on a License ID that has
been turned off.
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