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Kudos to the support team. Reactivation! V5-DL any good?

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29 Dec 2005 9:35 AM
I was worried that my copy of DVDxcopy Express was toast when I changed my hard drive since it was "outlawed" but one ticket to:
and Diane had me up and running.
I'm having problems copying to DVD+R's, burns DVD-R and DVD+RW just fine. It goes straight to "finalizing" and says "Error writing disk". Bad disks? Problem with the drive? Which is better -R or +R?
I downloaded the Platinum Version 5 Dual Layer here:

Is it worth the price? $115 !!?
Will it overwrite my "paid&working" copy of DVDxcopy express if I install it?
Sorry for the long post...
EDIT: Mod please move to DVDxcopy express install problem section.

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AfterDawn Addict

29 Dec 2005 10:50 AM
is it worth the price?
something you will have to decide, read this may help.

it will not overwrite your xpress, it loads to a different folder than xpress did.
which is better -R or +R?
Benefits: Better DVD playback compatiblity within home DVD players.
Drawbacks: Older technology and less money behind the format means that they come out with faster media and burner technology slower. You will frequently see DVD burners that will support (for instance) 16X DVD+R and only 8X DVD-R.

Benefits: Faster speeds, more innovations like Double Layer discs (8.5 GB)
Drawbacks: Will not play is some home DVD players. If you know your home DVD player will play DVD+Rs then there is no reason to not use them.
Get AnyDVD HD and copy any DVD or Blu-ray disc with ease!
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