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Sad & Frustrating

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13 Jul 2005 5:25 PM
It's hard to believe that no other software company would take up where DVD X Maker (AKA Dazzle DVD Complete)left off, as I've tried many other new programs and found that I like DVD X Maker the best (better templates, ability to edit menus, etc). The only problem with DVD X Maker is that it is getting more and more outdated as time goes on, and someday will not recognize most future DVD burner drives. I'm extremely fortunate that it recognized my Pioneer DVR 109 (firmware 1.55), as DVD Complete would not after the firmware update, BUT it will not recognize the dual layer DVD media that the DVR 109 is capable of. DVD Complete also had problems with recognizing/reading certain .mpg files, so it looks like 321 Studios did improve on it somewhat. Somebody out there PLEASE take on this program and bring it to it's fullest potential (Dual Layer capability + extra menu packs & such) You'll have a best selling software program for DVD Authoring!!!
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13 Jul 2005 6:58 PM
no one can not take on this program as it was shut down by a federal judge in fact all 321 programs were shut down and can not be sold or updated............ court order by the feds... ..and also it would be a copywrite issue.

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13 Jul 2005 7:38 PM
I can understand the copywrite issue, as I guess I meant I was hoping someone would buy the rights to continue the program. I wasn't aware of the federal shutdown on all their products, as I knew there was a shutdown on DVD X copy. It's ridiculous that they had to shut down a DVD authoring program, but then again, that's our government.. I guess they (321 Studios) were being punished for asking their customers to help fight for our right to backup privately owned digital media :(
Get AnyDVD HD and copy any DVD or Blu-ray disc with ease!
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