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Junior Member

16 Jun 2005 12:35 AM
June 16, 2005

Hi to all members. I'm from the
U.S. in the Northwest.

I need help : - )))

I hope that if any of you can help and fimiular to the problem that I'm experiencing.

When using DVD X Maker 2.0 I tried
to format a video into a DVD format
into a hard drive, NOT yet burn onto
a DVD. I was formating my video
to make it into a DVD format in the
hard drive. However, when formating
was just about done, DVD X Maker brings
up an error saying it cannot complete
the format. And suggested to review
on the dvdxmaker Log that explains the

As I look at it, it shows list of
activity. However, it shows that
one file has failed. Which is the
mpgaout.dll And list of NOT FOUND
files, like Gearsec.exe.

If any of you are willing to help
me in solving the problem, I would
be happy to send you the log
information by e-mail attachment,
so that you would be able to view it
to trouble shoot and find out whether
or not if you can solve the problem.

I had never have this problem before
since I got DVD X Maker 2 years ago,
until just recently.

So, if anyone could be more of help,
I'll be happy to share with you the
Log info from DVD X Maker. It can
be sent in a e-mail attachment and
can be view on your PC.

However, I tried to re-install DVD X
Maker to see would that solve the
problem. NOPE, that didn't help.
I tried doing that twice, though.

I have Windows'98SE, Pentium III,
and that I have 2 of Pioneer DVD
burners, Pioneer 104 and Pioneer 109,
which is brand new, just installed in

If any of you can help, please e-mail
me to provide me your e-mail address
so that I could send you the
dvdxmaker Log info.

Hope all this helps with answers.
Get AnyDVD HD and copy any DVD or Blu-ray disc with ease!
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