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replacement for DVD X show?

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4 Jan 2005 2:19 PM
I have been unsuccessful in reactivating my DVD X show and DVD X copy. They say the codes must have been turned off or something. I'm not totally sure what the deal is since I keep getting directed to a web site that won't let me in using my legitimate licence number. Any suggestions for replacement software for these two pieces of software? I really like DVD X show but again, I don't think the company that has access to my information has any interest in reactivating my software. They do have replacement software to sell but I don't like having software I have to activate like this.
AfterDawn Addict

4 Jan 2005 11:10 PM
this is the end of the road,DVD X show is not supported by the new company...international.com..DVD X copy is..
go here and fill out a ticket

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